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Monday, January 22

New year, new resolutions. 
I always make the same stereotypical resolutions: lose weight, eat better, drink more water. While those are all great resolutions, I am terrible at sticking with them - minus the water one, I'm currently sipping some as I type. 
This year I thought I would change my resolutions to ones that were more achievable. Ones that I don't necessarily need to be on top of every single day to be successful. I thought I would write them here to keep myself accountable and for anyone who is still thinking about what they would like to achieve in 2018. 

Eat less meat
I know eating meat and other animal products is terrible - for the animals, for your body and for the environment. Yet I still eat it everyday.
Right now I don't think it's possible for me personally to eliminate all animal products from my diet. I've had some gut issues, which will be mentioned in just a few moments so I'm still working on finding balance in the foods I consume.  With all that said, my resolution is to eat less meat this year. This feels like less of a 'diet' type resolution where I will give up after the first week. This seems more attainable.
Dairy products already bother my stomach so I don't eat too many of those products already, which is a step in the right direction.
I don't have any structure or set days surrounding this resolution. I just would like to be able to say that I was able to substitute meat out of meals that typically include it . Even if I make a conscious effort to eliminate meat from one meal a week I will consider that an achievement. Small steps will hopefully lead to bigger ones.

Take care of me
This comes in a few different ways - What I'm consuming (which was mentioned above), taking care of my skin, and taking care of my overall health.

I am twenty-four and I don't know what type of skin I have. I always thought for the longest time that I had oily skin but now looking at all the dry flaky patches I have on my forehead and cheeks I would say that is incorrect. I've never had a consultation for skin products and I don't have a good skin care routine. As a result, I am not happy with how my skin looks. In this new year I would love to find the right products for my face to give it the nutrients and moisture that it needs. I'm tired of looking in the mirror and being sad at the state of my skin.

Overall health
I have had undiagnosed stomach issues for the past few years. Don't get me wrong, I went to get it checked out, my doc just told me everything looked fine.  I did a blood test for Celiac - that was normal and there wasn't anything blatantly obvious that was wrong with me.
For a few years I just lived with the issues.  A lot of foods bothered me and I couldn't drink any amount of alcohol without being upset. (I've self diagnosed myself with IBS).
I really want my gut to work better in 2018, so I decided to try probiotics. A family member of mine has similar symptoms and their doc told them to try probiotics, so they shared their advice with me and I thought, couldn't hurt to try. I also did a little bit of digging and noticed some research being done looking at long term birth control use and gut probiotic health, in that some researchers have found that long term birth control users have low levels of probiotics in their gut (which is bad). This could have something to do with my gut problems, as I've been on the pill for upwards of 7 years. *I only did minimal research, it could be a number of problems with my gut, just found those studies interesting*
Anyway, back to the point - I've been taking probiotics for roughly 3 weeks and I've already noticed improvement in my stomach issues. I've only had 2 or 3 'flare ups' (the nicest way of putting it, trust me) in these 3 weeks, which is great, as it was normally 2-3 a week prior to the probiotics. My goal is to keep on top of the probiotics and continue learning what foods my gut reacts to and eliminating them from my diet. It's a work in progress but I'm already feeling better.

Three resolutions for 2018, hopefully all will be achieved. Cheers to this year!

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