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Tuesday, September 12

When I was younger I always wanted glasses because I thought it would make me look smarter, and (although I wouldn't admit it to anyone) I thought they would make me smarter too. Unfortunately for my younger self, I never needed glasses and I had to get my smarts somewhere other than through a pair of specs. 

The longing I had for glasses never left even as I grew older. I remember going through school and having friends with glasses and asking to try them on to see how I would look, and hoping that they would magically make my eyesight even better so that I could tell my parents that I needed to get glasses (which never happened). I went through high school wanting glasses, to no avail of my great eyesight, but fear not five-year-old Amanda, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

In 2015 I was in my third year of university and I was in a math course with Noah (my partner). We were taking notes from the projector which was quite far away and very bright (If I say projector I'm sure you get the idea). I asked Noah so many times what numbers I was supposed to be writing down that he insisted that my eyesight needed to be checked out because I should be able to see all the numbers clearly. 

So, I booked an appointment and youbetcha -  Noah was right - I walked out with a prescription for some glasses. Now, as you could imagine, my five-year-old self was ecstatic that I was finally able to have a pair of glasses that would be tailored to my eyes. However, what I didn't realize was the volume of glasses there were to try on in the store and just how frustrating it was to keep trying on pair after pair. I think I spent over an hour in the store trying different frames on and I didn't even pick a pair that day. I needed to come back after I thought some of the choices through to be sure I was picking the right pair. 

I later spent the evening shopping online to see if there were any places that I could find frames that I might like more than the ones I found in the store. It was then that I came across Warby Parker. I fell in love with their frames and thought that there were a lot of options that suited my particular style, and so I was interested in learning if I would be able to try on, or even purchase frames online. Unfortunately, for me, when I was searching for the perfect pair of glasses they were not located anywhere near my little nook of Eastern Canada and it just wasn't possible to get my hands on their lovely frames. I ended up going back to the store and picking mediocre frames because I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for in the store.

Flash forward to 2017: Technology has advanced. (Woo!) Warby Parker now have an app that you can use to get your hands on some glasses that you might fancy, even if you're unable to make it in to one of their stores. (Currently there are still only 2 in Canada) 
I would have been so happy if this was around when I was searching for my first pair of glasses. It was so disheartening seeing beautiful glasses online that I just didn't have access to. I would hate for someone else to go through the same ordeal.

What is even better is that Warby Parker are releasing a new collection of eyewear that are absolutely stunning. I thought after sharing my personal story about getting glasses (and how I could have benefited from better technology) that I would share a few photos of some of the new Warby Parker collection and what I, personally, would wear with each pair. Most of the frames are very versatile and can be matched with many styles and personalities! I just picked two regular eyewear and two sunglasses out of the range, but there are many other options to choose from on their website.

I included the name of each pair in the new collection that I used in case you want to head over to take a better look.

For the Becker eyewear I thought that there was enough colour on the frames that the rest of the outfit could be neutral. I love this shade of blue for glasses because it's not too bright and obnoxious but it also gives you a bit more funk or personality. 
(Links: Sweater, Leggings, Shoes)

The Logan eyewear can literally be worn with anything. The fact that the frames are black make this pair so easy to dress up or down. I chose to style them with a cozy fall outfit. I enjoy mixing colours that may not necessarily go together and so it helps when you have glasses that aren't too loud or colourful to balance out the other colourful items that you may be wearing. 
(Links: Sweater, jeans, shoes)

I really liked the look of the Tansley sunglasses because they are a very easy to wear, neutral shade. I also really enjoy the shape of these glasses a lot. I like how the bridge of the nose is gold as it really complements the rosy shade of pink. I chose a dress and jean jacket to pair with these sunglasses because when I saw them I just kept thinking of summer nights when it's just a little chilly but the sun it still shining and everyone is having a great time around a BBQ. 
(Links: Jacket, dress, shoes)

Last, but certainly not least: Hadley. I actually saved this pair until the end because they are my favourite out of the whole collection. I just feel like these are so beautiful and stylish. I think you could pair them with just about anything and they would look amazing. I chose to pair the sunglass with a pair of slim jeans, cute fall booties, a white shirt (to show off the rest of that summer tan) and a  fall cardigan. 
(Links: Cardigan, shirt, jeans, shoes)

Which pair from the new collection is your favourite and how would you style an outfit with them?

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