Moving + Refreshing My Morning Routine

Friday, August 18

Our move is in full swing now. My room is stuffed to the brim with boxes and we are in the midst of planning the road trip to Ontario! It's crazy to think that in two short weeks we will be packed and hitting the road! 

While this is a crazy and exciting time in our lives, it is also beyond stressful, unorganized, and generally, anxiety provoking. I am finding it difficult with all the sorting, packing, and storing to keep any sort of routines that I once had.  On top of that, once we move in, I will be starting a new degree at an unfamiliar university. Talk about stressful! 
To say that I am excited to move in to our new space and start back up with my familiar routines is an understatement! 

The morning routines I use have always been my favourite time of the day. Sure, it's nice to unwind at the end of a day, but how you begin the day can really set the pace for having an amazing, or terrible day. 

For as long as I can remember I have had two types of morning routines, and today I wanted to talk about each of them and how I plan to bring them back in to my life after my stressful move to Ontario! I will be starting school in September, and therefore these routines will help me prepare mentally for long days of learning!

Routine I: The Quiet, Internalizing Approach

My first type of morning route is the one that I find myself using the most often.
This routine involves grabbing some breakfast. My favourite (although not the most healthy) is to grab a banana, oat, and chocolate chip muffin (Noah's mum's recipe - they're the best!) and sit at the table enjoying it. I find this gives me the most relaxing morning and I am able to mentally prepare myself for the day. I can think of all the things that I need to do for the day, or assignments for the classes that I will have. Generally, it just gives me time to reflect, think, and prepare. I am looking forward to these mornings in the new space because we have a little bar area that separates our kitchen from our living room. When Noah and I first saw the place, that was what we were most excited about. We started looking for bar stools immediately, to find ones that we would both like. I have a feeling this will be a great space to take time for myself in the morning and reflect on things for the day to come. There is even enough space that I can bring out my planner and see what is on my to do list for the day, if I have assignments or readings that need to be done before class! Having that little time to myself really helps me prepare for the day. Generally I'm not one to like alone time, but I do really find it helpful in the morning.

Routine II: The Energizing, Externalizing Approach

This routine is one that I will do if I'm feeling a bit more energized when I wake up.  I may spend a bit more pamper time with this routine, spending some extra time on my hair, putting in more effort picking my outfit, making a big breakfast for myself and Noah, or maybe even spending some time applying a bit of make-up. Whatever it is that I'm putting the extra effort in, the main thing about this routine is music.  Whether it's coming quietly from my phone (if Noah is still sleeping), or connecting it to one of our bluetooth speakers,  music in the morning will get me up dancing, singing, and generally feeling good. Getting endorphins rushing in the morning can be great! It can help you feel more awake, happier, and generally can make the rest of the day a breeze! There are some days when I feel really crappy and the first routine just won't cut it. That is another time when I will put on some music and get ready for the day until I'm feeling better.  If you can't head out the door in a good mood, then it will really impact how the rest of your day is, and that can even rub off on others around you. 

Typically the routine that I chose will depend on how I am feeling when I wake up. If I am feeling refreshed and like I got a good amount of sleep, typically I'll go for routine II. If I didn't get a great sleep, I have something during the day that I find stressful, or I'm trying to be mindful that Noah is still sleeping, I will opt for routine I.

Either way, these routines have kept me going in the morning in the past, and I can't wait to use them again in our new place! They really help me mentally, and physically prepare myself for the day to come! 

What type of morning routine do you have?


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