Big Life Changes

Monday, May 29

Long time no see. 
I know it's been a while since I've made any effort to post anything but I think it's warranted. Let me fill you in: 

To start everything off, I am still working two jobs, which basically means I'm working full time. I have to travel an hour both to and from work four days of the week, two days car pooling and two days by myself, which means a lot of miles put onto my car. 
My car, a 2005 Chev, finally wouldn't make it back and forth to the city safely after months of travelling back and fourth. This meant it was time for a new car. 

Noah and I spent all of May trying to find a new car.  We test drove a few but non were exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a car that was newer than my 2005 but not brand new. We didn't want something that would break our bank accounts every month. After a month of looking, we finally settled on a 2012 Honda Civic. It's a lot nicer than our old car and it's a lot safer too. 

Then, the same day we finally got the car, I found out I was accepted to graduate school! 
I didn't really think that my application would go through this year. I had so many other friends get rejected the first time they applied  to their respective programs that I just expected to be rejected too.  I had already planned to re-apply in September. Turns out, that wouldn't be the case for me. 
This program is half way across Canada, so needless to say, we'll be moving in the near future. 
Naturally, my life is in a lot of upheaval right now. Between saving money, packing, and getting everything ready for the move I also need to get back in to the mindset of school. It's been a year since I was in university so I am a little out of touch with that mentality.

I'm not sure how consistently I'll be posting in the next little while. Summer is one of my favourite seasons to write but since I'll be moving I'm not sure how much time I'll have for leisurely posting. 
I'll try my best! 

Heres to exciting new adventures!  I hope to bring you along on the journey! 

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