Overnight Stay in Halifax | March 6-7th

Friday, March 10


I spent a couple days in Halifax this week, and I wanted to write about it here, to remember the trip! 
To preface this trip, I purchased two tickets to the Halifax show of Billy Talent's "Afraid of Heights" tour for Noah for Christmas. It turns out that it fell a couple days after his birthday, so we planned a little trip around the concert. 
We left Noah's house in the morning (around 10ish). We have this little tradition where we stop half way for McDonalds breakfast. It's not a healthy tradition, but we rarely travel to Halifax, so it's a tradition we cherish when we do go. 

After we stopped for breakfast we headed to Bayer's Lake to make a quick stop in a couple stores before heading to the Halifax Shopping Centre. I have a new favourite scent from Bath and Body works and when I found out there was an eau de parfum in the same scent I knew I needed that! 

Once we finished in the Shopping Centre, we headed towards the Halifax waterfront, as we were still a little early for our hotel check in time. I really wanted to go to the Freak Lunchbox, a store that sells vintage and odd candy, to pick up some jelly belly's, so we went there, and to the Garrison Brewing Store. Garrison is a local brand of beers that Noah really enjoys so he wanted a tee-shirt with the company brand. After we stopped for a snack at Tim Hortons, we headed back up the hill to check in to our hotel, Cambridge Suites. 

We had a "Studio with A Queen" room, with a queen sized bed. The room was very spacious, but not overly luxurious which I really liked. The bathroom was really modern which Noah appreciated the most (apart from the comfy bed).

Once we unpacked our things we got ready for our full evening of plans. We booked an escape room called " Contaminated Hospital" at Trapped! for 4:45pm, and needed to be there 15 minutes early. I took longer than I anticipated getting ready, but we made it to the place in time!  For those who are unaware, an escape room is basically a themed (or not) room that you are locked in and have to solve puzzles and unlock items in the room to find your way out. I enjoy playing these games online, so I knew that I would enjoy the real life version!

I'm not allowed to say much about the escape room, as I signed a contract saying I wouldn't disclose anything, but it was SO GOOD. We were blindfolded (with blacked out goggles) and led in to the escape room and told the accompanying story for the theme. Without giving anything away, the atmosphere was amazing! So fitting for the room type we had chosen! The puzzles were difficult, but manageable. I enjoyed myself so much and would recommend it to everyone! The Contaminated Hospital was suitable for two - seven people, and we escaped with 10 minutes to spare! 

After the escape room we headed to The Keg Steakhouse for dinner. Noah had been there when he was younger and remembered the food being delicious and I had never been there before, so we decided to splurge a little and treat ourselves. The menu is a little pricey, but my goodness it was the most delicious meal I've ever eaten. 

After dinner we walked a block over to the Scotiabank Centre to get our seats for the concert. At that point I was unaware that this was the last show in the tour, but it became very apparent when the show started as there were a few pranks that the bands played on each other. 
The first opener, The Dirty Nil had the "Nil" in their name crossed out and replaced with "Mike" and they had to come on stage to the song "Barbie Girl" by Aqua (youtube it, I'm sure you've heard it before). Then the second opener, Monster Truck were playing one of their songs that was about flying like an eagle and the drummer from the first band (The Dirty Nil) was hooked up to a harness and started flying while wearing a hamburger mask on his head. Then at the very end of the concert one of the stage crew members had a plastic saxophone and careless whispers started playing and he was pretending to play the saxophone while people started leaving. It was pretty comical. 

In terms of the actual concert, it was awesome! Noah and I have seen Billy Talent before, a couple years ago and they were good then. This time it was better. I think because we had seats this time (we had to stand at the last location) and I was able to see better I enjoyed myself more. They played a lot of songs that I knew and in general they were great! 

The beginning of my favourite song: Red Flag

We headed to bed after the concert and checked out the next morning. We went shopping at the Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth the next day and then headed home. It was a nice get away for the two of us and we both really enjoyed ourselves! 

Have you ever heard of Billy Talent? Do you like them?

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