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Thursday, March 16


I recently bought some products in my favourite bath and body works scent and I thought I would review them. No one has asked me to review these, I just wanted the internet to know that I adore these products! 

They are the "A Thousand Wishes" collection, and the scent is described as a combination of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies, and almond creme. I'm not as good at picking up individual scents from the products, but my goodness they smell amazing. It reminds me of very delicious grapes, which make my mouth water!

I purchased three products from this collection recently: The sugar scrub, the shower gel, and the Eau de Parfum. 

I've tried a lot of other Bath and Body Works scents over the years and this is one of my all time favourites (up there with Be Enchanted). 

Eau de Parfum: 

 Isn't the parfum (perfume?) packaged beautifully?! I couldn't bare to remove the ribbon! 

The parfum is packaged beautifully which (besides already loving the scent) was what really drew me to purchase this product. I've worn it quite a few times already and I only purchased it last week! 

4/5 - I would recommend this to everyone, (but not really because then everyone would smell exactly like me). The only reason it doesn't get 5/5 is because Noah (my significant other) says that he can smell the 'chemical-ness' (his words) of the parfum. 

The Sugar Scrub: 

My favourite product to buy from Bath and Body are their scrubs because they feel so nice when you are having a relaxing bath. I have tried sand scrubs and shea/sparkle scrubs as well, but sugar scrubs are my favourite. 

So a sugar scrub combined with my favourite scent: it shouldn't be a surprise that this is my favourite product of the three. 

 5/5! I am so happy with this product! I will be repurchasing this again (and again)!

The Shower Gel: 

I've already had to repurchase the shower gel because I used the last one up! 

 4.5/5 Since this is not my favourite product out of the three, it does not receive a 5/5, but it comes darn close! 

As for the prices, the Eau de Parfum was $39.50, the sugar scrub was $16.50, and the shower gel was $12.50. I did purchase them during a deal where you buy 2 and get the 3rd free, so that was a plus! 

Well, those are my current favourite Bath and Body works scents! What is your favourite scent to wear?

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