My New Tattoo!

Tuesday, February 28


As you can tell from the title, I got myself a new tattoo recently! 
My sister loves tattoos, so every year she asks to have one done for her birthday. This year we decided to get matching tattoos! 

We both have different ways of choosing what tattoos we like, so it took a long time for us (mainly me) to pick ones that would work for us. I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want for a tattoo because I know that it is something I will live with for the rest of my life. I like to think it through and don't want it to be a spur of the moment decision. It's fine for anyone else to get whatever tattooed but personally I like to make sure I'm happy with my decision before it is permanently on my body.

When I finally figured out what I wanted, we were both super excited (My sister was because I actually picked something out)! Since both our names start with 'A' I thought it would be fitting, and unique enough for the two of us, to get matching 'A's in the same spot on our body. 

We chose the upper inner elbow for the spot, and let me tell you, it HURT. I have another tattoo on my upper thigh and that hurt nothing like the elbow did. I didn't cry, or pass out of anything but geez! 

I love it! It's been a couple weeks since we got them, and they're almost fully healed now! Mine was super sore for the longest time! 

Do you have any tattoos?

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