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Friday, February 10


Sorry I've been away for so long! I'm trying to keep with a schedule but it doesn't seem to be working. I might have to start back up with one post a week and go from there. If I can manage that, then maybe i'll be able to start doing more than one post a week! (Here's to hoping!) 

To bring myself back in to the swing of things, I wanted to share with you something new that I've done! 
Something I can finally check of my bucket list! 
I donated nine inches of my hair!

Before 2012 I dyed my hair blonde every month. It wasn't until I realized 1) how expensive it is and 2) how bad it is for your hair. I decided that I wanted to go back to my natural hair colour. I dyed (*oh the irony*) my hair a similar shade of brown so that the growing out process wouldn't be hideous and so it began: four years of growing out dyed and damaged hair. I finally felt like the hair I had been growing was all natural and that it would be accepted when I donated it! 

There are some things that I did not know before donating: 
1) You send the hair in yourself. Before doing some research on the subject, I thought you would just go into a salon and they would do all that and you would just pay for the whole service. Nope, you mail it in yourself. 
2) Some places let you donate more or less hair than others. The place I donated to had a minimum of eight inches that needed to be donated, while another one I was looking at was a minimum of ten inches!
3) There are places that are more accepting than others. Where I donated, the hair was to be completely dye free. I did see other places that you could have dyed hair but not bleached hair. Always check the requirements before you send your hair off! 

It's SO short! I'm still not used to it yet. I love to curl my hair and the bottom layer is too short to curl right now, so I'm still getting used to it. I need to come up with more ways to style it! 
While it is a big change, I'm really glad that I did it. My parents were shocked that I wanted to cut that much off, but in reality the only reason I was growing it out so long was because I wanted to donate it! 

For those interested, I donated my hair to:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
2-1055 Middlegate Rd
Mississauga, ON (Ontario Canada)
L4Y 3Y4

I just sent my hair in last Tuesday (Feb 7th), so I'm not sure if they accepted it yet, but I know my hair is all natural, so hopefully they will!

Have you ever donated hair? How long was it?

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