Twenty Sixteen in review

Tuesday, January 3


My twenty fifteen in review is one of my all time favourite posts that I've ever written. I love being able to look back and remember all the things that happened in that year. The post included big life events (like my first car) and small moments (like being surprised with flowers) that I didn't want to forget! I want this to be something that I keep doing each year, because I want each year to be written down somewhere so that when I'm older and can't remember things as clearly, I'll have this to look back on! So without anymore introduction, here is my twenty sixteen in review

My partner (not sure if I've ever said his name, but saying partner every time is getting annoying - it's Noah) and I spent New Year's Day with both families. We had lunch at my parents house and then dinner at his grandmothers. It was wonderful to be able to spend the day with both sides. 
I was starting my last winter semester of university (my fourth year) and halfway through my honours thesis. This was about the time that things started to pick back up. I was busy immediately after classes started on the 11th with regular classes, assignments, tests, and my thesis work. It was a busy time. 
In the middle of the month the psychology group I was in at the university held a movie night where we played "The Stanford Prison Experiment" (which I wrote a post about here). After the movie was over we had a Skype chat with the two people who were seriously involved in the real life events that the movie was portraying. It was one of the coolest moments that happened in university!


My sister's birthday is the first of February, so we started the month off celebrating that, with her turning 17. The next day was when she received her birthday present from my parents - a new tattoo! She got one last year for her birthday, and I was in class so I unfortunately couldn't be there when she got it, but this year I was able to go with her. She got a Simba tattoo (Lion King for those who don't know Disney). It was cool watching her get it, and the guy who was doing her tattoo was really funny!
We also house sat Noah's aunt and uncles house for a week in February while they were in Cuba. We had a few people over for some drinks and games on the Friday and then spent the rest of the time hanging out with the family cat (they were getting a dog in the next week). It was really nice to 'move' in together for a week as we were able to get a feel for how we would live with each other (since we both still live with our parents). 
We didn't do anything to special for Valentines Day, but we were in each other's company so it was lovely! We saw Deadpool a few days after Valentines Day with my sister and her boyfriend. Noah was not looking forward to it because he thought it would be an awful movie. I had high hopes (because I love Ryan Reynolds). Needless to say, at the end of the movie I asked him if he ended up liking the movie, and he did. He was pretty annoyed because I kept saying 'I told you so'.  
A few days after that we had our graduation pictures done. That was a weird feeling. In high school the picture people come to the school and you make your appointments within school hours. That's not really how it works in university. There is a photography company that is in the same town as the university that you make appointments with (on your own time) to have your photos done. I think it was that same day that we tried a new pizza place near the university. We tried nutella pizza and it was glorious!

Towards the end of February we had our psychology banquet. This was the first banquet held at the university for psychology (ever - to my knowledge). There were some bumps that need to be fixed, but overall it was a good night. I had a lot of fun and the food was really yummy! The final thing that I want to remember about February is that I had my first draft of my thesis completed. It was rough and needed a lot of editing, but the first complete thesis was done and ready for fixing!


March is always one of the busiest month's for honours students. This is the month when everything needs to be finished up and sent in to first and second readers. It's pretty stressful but worth it in the end. We celebrated my Noah's birthday at the beginning of the month. For his birthday I bought him 2 tickets to see city and colour in July, a new alcohol that he wanted to try (triple sec) and an xbox gift card.
The end of the month was when all the good copies of theses had to be sent in. I don't have a lot of other things written down that I did in March, and that is because of how much time I spent working on my thesis. I spent almost everyday in between classes working on class notes for midterms and exams, writing and editing my thesis and trying to stay caught up on assignments. Once I account for all that time, I didn't have a lot of other time for other activities. At the end of the month we celebrated Easter with both our families, as we do with basically every holiday! 

Easter selfie!


Ahh, the end of university classes. This is the time when all the things are due. Final copies of these were due to endless amounts of people, final class assignments were due before the final exams, presentations needed to be done, and overall life was stressful. 
Part of our thesis was a mandatory presentation of how your thesis went. All the psychology honours students presented on April 12th (our only study day before exams). I remember being very nervous but also excited not only to present but to hear how everyone else did with their research. Getting up to present to a group of my peers (who are all so very smart) and also to the psychology staff was very scary, but I am so glad that I did it. I think I did a decent job too, as a few of the staff congratulated me afterward (which felt awesome). I'm so glad I asked Noah to take a picture of me presenting because it's something I'm proud of! 
After all the presentations were done we went to a local pub where the psych staff rented our the party room. We had drinks and appetizers with the staff and chatted and laughed together in celebration of all that we had accomplished. After we finished up there, all the psych students agreed that after all the stress we had all year that we wanted to get together and have a few more drinks. We were a little naughty and had a few drinks in our psychology building after hours (as a thanks to the building for putting up with all of us). It was one of those things that I imagine when I'm an older grandma I'll tell my grandchildren about how naughty I was when I was in university. It was so fun though!
I only had 1 exam which was a nice way to end my university career. 
After I was finished exams a psychology classmate and friend had a bunch of people over for a potluck and games. It was so lovely seeing everyone for what would be a final time before we all went separate ways before graduation in a month.
The end of the month was a close friends 19th birthday party. Our group of close friends went out Friday night to our favourite bar for country night, and also went out Saturday night as well. I had a little (a lot) too much to drink Saturday night, but thankfully Noah was there to help me through. That was the first and only time I've ever drank that much, and the 2 day hangover afterward made me vow to never do that again!
May began slow. We had a games night with a few friends that I don't really remember all that well. I think this was around the time that a close friend of mine and Noah got the Game Of Thrones game and we played it for the first time!
The Saturday before we graduated (the 14th) Noah, his mom and myself took a trip up to the city so that he could purchase some new dress pants for graduation. We didn't spend a lot of time in the city, just long enough for him to find what he was looking for and back home we came. 
The next day (Sunday the 15th) Noah's grandmother had a BBQ supper for us to celebrate our graduation. It was a really lovely day. I knew from other cousins who had graduated that the graduator (is that a word?!) would receive small little gifts and so I expected to watch Noah open all his gifts. I did not expect all of his family to give me gifts as well. It gave me such a nice feeling. Not that I was receiving gifts, but that I was thought about too. It wasn't a celebration party for him, it was a party for us.
Then, the Monday (16th) was the big day. We graduated university. It was the weirdest day, I thought time would drag on, but everything happened so quickly! I remember walking across the stage and having the president ask me what my next plans were (which he often did for each student) but what I really want to remember is that the dean of science was the person shaking your hand at the end of the stage, and to others he said congratulations but I had taken one of his courses so when I got to the end he asked me how I was and what my plans were after this degree. It was really nice to know that he remembered me, and took the time to ask my a few questions before he congratulated me. After we graduated we took pictures for a little while and then my Noah's mum took us out for supper. It was really nice to spend the evening celebrating with them!
After the buzz of graduation wore off a couple of Noah's cousins were in a play that we got to see. It was really good! I remember being really excited because it was a musical, and those are one of my favourite types of plays to watch!
Noah and I also went to the zoo towards the end of May just the two of us. It was a great time to go because it wasn't really warm so a lot of the animals were out and about rather than inside their homes. The last weekend in May is always a big celebration in our town, so there are usually things that happen. We watched the fireworks this year and that was it! We usually have friends that are drinking but this year we decided not to bother drinking.

Not much happened in June. I started working for the university, but it was a slow process. I knew that I would need some other way to make money so I started looking for a job. Other than that, I have nothing to really note about June. We house/kitty sat for Noah's aunt and uncle while they went camping towards the end of the month but otherwise June was a pretty quiet month this year. I'm not sure of all the dates so I'm writing this here, but Noah and I have a friend that has a cottage, and we spent quite a few nights there over the summer. We had drinks, at lots of BBQ'd items and played lots of games! 


Noah and I spent the day in the city before we saw City and Colour (I wrote about that here). We walked around all day (we had over 20,000 steps) and we were very tired before the concert even happened! It was lovely though, we walked around the Halifax gardens, we ate at a restaurant we hadn't tried before, and I was able to go to freak lunchbox (my favourite candy store!). We had seen City and Colour before, but this concert was my favourite of the two!

Noah and I house sat for nine straight days this month, which was really nice. As I mentioned earlier, house sitting was basically like us living together and it was such a nice feeling! 
One of the last days of the month my mothers side of the family was having a big family reunion. It was really weird because I didn't know anybody that was there, even though everyone filled a community hall building. People brought in old things from family members who had passed away and so my mum and I went through a lot of them to see if we recognized any of the names. We were able to find an old portrait of my great grandmother and grandfather which was really neat to see, as they passed away when my mom was a little girl.

August began with a family BBQ at my aunts. It was a 'girls only' day where all the ladies in the family got together. It was really nice to see everyone! My closest cousin was just coming along in her pregnancy (I think she was 3 or 4 months at that point) so it was really exciting to see her and talk about baby stuff! The middle of august was spent still looking for a job, I was really not having any luck finding anything!
Then we had our trip to PEI planned. It was planned for a thurs-sun weekend, but Noah's great uncle passed away on the monday before and the funeral was that Saturday. So we had to rearrange our PEI trip so that we could attend the funeral. The funeral was sad, but those things really make you realize how important time is with family. With the trip rearranged, we were going from Sunday (the day after the funeral) to Wednesday - wrote about my trip here, but I'm going to recap here! It was a lot of fun, but there were a few hiccups. We left at 8:30 Sunday morning and arrived on the island at 1:30, arriving at our cottage in Cavendish at around 2:30. We didn't do a lot that day, unpacked our vehicles and went to grab some needed groceries (and alcohol)! Monday we traveled to Kensington, as Noah's family had visited there in their childhood and wanted to revisit. We looked at some shops and then continued driving around. We then went into Charlottetown for a nice dinner at the Olde Dublin Pub. We went there last year and I remembered the food being really good. It did not disappoint! Once we finished dinner we walked around a little bit to some of the shops, and then we were rained out and drove back to Cavendish! Tuesday was my favourite day of the trip. It was sunny and we went to The Sandspit in the morning (an amusement park) which was a lot of fun and then we did an escape room (we failed but had a lot of fun). Then that evening the cousins had drinks and played games. We laughed a lot and had a lot of fun! Wednesday morning we packed our things and left the island. We stopped in Moncton (not really stopped since it was a little out of the way, but it was neat nonetheless) and then made our way home! It was a packed four days so I was pretty tired when I got home, but it was a fun time!

Two days after I got home from PEI, my family decide that we should do something fun as a family - so we drove up to the wildlife park in Shubenacadie! It was nice to be just with my immediate family, as we often bring our significant others along and it gets quite crowded. We ate a nice dinner after the park and then headed home.
One final thing that I want to remember about August is that I finally decided to start counting my calories and figuring out just how much I was eating in a day. With this information I have finally been able to lose a few pounds! It's nice to finally be paying more attention to my body for once! 


September was a weird month. Not that anything weird happened, it's more that nothing happened. To be more clear, this is the first September that I did not start school. Since graduation, I am not currently enrolled in any schooling. That meant that when it was time to go back to school I didn't. It was one of the weirdest things I've encountered.
A close friend of mine and Noah's had a couple friends over for drinks, games and to watch a UFC fight in the beginning of the month. The next day my immediate family had our last BBQ of the summer. It was the first time this year that I had strawberry shortcake! 
The middle of the month held one of Noah's cousin's birthday, and she was just getting into the Twilight series. I have loved those books since about 8 years ago (don't kill me, I can't help but love them) and since she got some of the books for her birthday I decided to read my own books again. I fell in love with them all over again. I don't know what it is about those books, but I just love them so much! 
Another thing I want to remember is that the research that I completed for my thesis in university was put into a poster and presented by my supervisor at CSRF (Canadian Sex Research Forumn)! It was really neat to hear about the conference, and although I am sad that I didn't get to present the poster myself (as it was in Quebec) I am glad that the research was seen by others! 
This was also the month that I reconnected with my two best friends. I hadn't talked to them in a long time and I missed them dearly so I messaged them and we went out for the first of many (very many) girls nights! I forgot how much I liked spending time with them! 

The first day of October held the first of many of my birthday celebrations. A friend who moved to Halifax was having people over to her place for her birthday (Her's is late September). We were going to car pool with a friend but they ended up not being able to make it, so Noah drove my parents car up to the city (it took some pleading to get them to let us go!) I had such a good time, and thankfully Noah said he would drive us home afterward. We had some drinks at her place, and then went to one of the bars downtown. I had never been to that particular bar before but it was really nice! 
For my actual birthday (the 4th) Noah and I went out for Chinese food (it's one of my favourites!) His mum made me a carrot cake (her carrot cake is one of my favourites too) and she bought me flowers and a balloon. She made me feel so special! We ate the cake at my house with my family and we celebrated accordingly! It was really nice! 

The day after my birthday I started my first shift at my new job. I looked for a job from June to September and finally I got one! 
The next weekend was my birthday celebrations with my two best friends. We had jell-o shots at home (one of my friends specialties) and then went out to our normal bar for dancing! 
That same weekend Noah and I went to our friends to play the Game Of Thrones board game and watch an old comedy. It was funny to watch because all the guys were giggling at the movie. Listening to them was better than the movie! Finally that Sunday we had Thanksgiving dinner at Noah's aunt and uncles. It was delicious! We had more turkey the Thanksgiving Monday at my house with my family! 
This was the month that Noah and I started working more, so we didn't do a lot over the week but did things on the weekend. For example, the next weekend we did a corn maze with my sister and her partner (which I wrote about here) and then Noah and I went to get ice cream! 
Something else I want to remember in October was that my two best friends and I had a photoshoot together. We took a bunch of cute photos together outside. It was sunny and the leaves were all pretty colours. I love looking at those photos, I even have some framed in my room! We also tried out karaoke for the first time (I did not partake in the singing)! It was really interesting but I'm not sure if I would go again. At the end of the month we carved pumpkins at Noah's grandmothers with all his cousins. I decided this year to carve a mouse, but it looked more like a cat. 


November started off with a spontaneous trip to Truro with one of my close friends to visit her sister. My two best friends lived in Truro a little while ago and really liked one of the bars there, so when one of them mentioned that she was going there, and asked if I wanted to come, I said sure! It was a nice place, the dance floor (one of the only places we occupy when we go out) was really nice! 
The next thing from November that I want to remember is my cousin's baby shower! My sister and I helped my aunt set up the building she rented for the shower. Everything was pretty and pink! We set up the food table, kept the punch full and helped out with anything that needed to be done. It was such a lovely day filled with adorable little girl outfits and squealing whenever my cousin opened something adorable! 
The middle of November was when I started my second job (technically third but I don't count one job). That friend that Noah and I have (the one with the cottage and the one who got the Game of Thrones board game) offered me a position at the place he works, and it just so happens to be a place that would give me a lot of experience if I decide to further my education. So I spent a lot of November learning the job and shadowing my friend to get some experience and understand what I was required to do in the job. It's a very interesting job, and I like it a lot so far! It makes me happy that I think that is the direction I want to take with my education! 
We decorated for Christmas in November (we like to decorate early at my house), and me and my best friends made a trip to the city to get some Christmas shopping done. 
Other than recurring nights out with the girls, and trying to fix my car before it started to snow too heavy, not much happened in November. I began working a lot more, between the new job (which required traveling an hour to and from work) and my retail job (which was giving me more hours for Christmas) it was a pretty work heavy month! 
I tried to write a few posts for blogmas at the end of the month so that when December did come around I would be more prepared this year! I only ended up missing one or two posts this year which I consider to be great as I was working like crazy!


Ahh december. Blogmas was in full force and sometimes I found it hard to stay on top of everything. 
Between both jobs, Noah and I managed to get down to the city for some Christmas shopping, and we got to see the Nutcracker before all the Christmas events happened. 
The Sunday before Christmas my dad's side decided to have our Christmas get together. I mentioned it in one of my blogmas posts but I can't remember which one at this particular moment. It was lovely to see everyone at the party, as we don't often see each other throughout the year. My cousin was getting so big (She's due any time now!) Also at this party my parents and aunts and uncles switched their secret santa gifts. It's really funny to see some of their gifts! 
A couple of days before Christmas one of my friends from high school invited a few friends over to his parent's place (he lives in the city for school) to play some games before Christmas. It was really fun, as he always has new games for us to try! 
Finally Christmas Eve rolled around. Noah had to work until 3, so I went to my grandparents for the afternoon with my family and he showed up after he was done work. We had lasagna and garlic bread for supper and then after desire (ice cream sandwich dessert - it's super yummy!) we headed to his family's get together. One there we played games: Jackbox - an set of xbox games that are really fun - and an 'escape' type game. The escape game was a lot of fun! We drank wine, and ate yummy food and just had a really good time! 
Christmas this year was a little bumpy. My family opened our gifts together which was great, but then there was a little bit of tension and I decided to go over and spend the rest of the morning with Noah and his mum. We went to his dad's first to exchange presents and then headed back to his mums house to exchange our presents. Once we finished that we headed into his grandmothers house for a turkey dinner. I headed back home after that to have supper at home with my family, and then went back to Noah's grandmothers (we live 2 minutes from each other so it's really convenient) to exchange more presents and play more games with all his cousins. Overall it was a really nice day! 
I went out with the girls the night before New Years Eve, and then for New Years Eve we had supper with my family and then went to one of my girl friends for the evening. My friends wanted to head to the bar pretty early so Noah and I headed back to my house to ring in the new year!

And that sums up my twenty sixteen. I finished an honours thesis (I have a copy of it, in a hard covered book with my name embossed on the front!), graduated from university, began working three jobs, and have been getting my next university application together. It's crazy how life works, one minute not having any jobs at all, to the next moment working three at the same time. I've been blessed to have two wonderful best friends and a partner who loves me unconditionally (And I, him of course!). 

What are some highlights of your 2016 year?

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