Winter OOTD

Sunday, December 11


I'm trying to make my blogmas posts more diverse this year by including things that I wouldn't normally post. Outfit of the day posts are some of those posts that I always think I would like to do, but when the time comes to do them I always back out. 
I thought for this blogmas I would stick to just one outfit of the day post, and make it winter themed so that I can be nice and cozy! It just so happened that it's been snowing the past couple of days so I've been able to dress cozy to stay warm!

What I'm wearing:
 High waisted leggings from Suzy Shier - I picked 2 of these up for around $20 a couple of weeks ago!
 Turtleneck Ponch from Old Navy - I got this last year for Christmas, and I love it so much! I like that it's a loose turtleneck and it has no sleeves so I can still wear it and not get too warm! This one is sort of similar, but in this year's range!
 Peacoat from H & M - Again, I got this last year around this time! The material is super soft and keeps me warm through the cold winter months! I couldn't find any that were similar to mine on the website, but when I went in a couple of days ago they had some in a range of colours! 
 Boots - Found at Sears (not sure what brand they are, but I absolutely adore them!)
 Hat - Christmas present from last year!

Bonus: It's not a photoshoot with me unless I get a silly shot! 

What is your favourite cozy sweater?

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