Under $10 Gift Ideas for Guys

Sunday, December 4


Last year I wrote about how to shop for the difficult one in your life. This year I thought it would be a little easier to have a gift idea post for both guys and girls. Doing this post really helped me figure out what I was getting for my partner (he's the one I have a hard time buying things for). These items can all be put in a stocking and they'd make a great gift, or you can pick and choose things depending on the person!

1. Socks - they're easy to lose and misplace, so it's always a good idea to give some for christmas. I like cute ones like these Men's Bulldog Socks for $6.90, but you could always go for something more plain (and boring). 
2. Chocolate and/or alcohol - Everyone has a chocolate or candy that they love to receive during the holidays! My partner likes Terry's Chocolate Oranges and they're only $2.88! Additionally, for anyone who is legal to consume and/or purchase alcohol, giving a little something can be a nice gesture. I suggest either their favourite, or something versatile like vodka that they can mix with anything over the holidays. This one is only a small, 200 mL bottle for $9.25. (note: I live in NS, Canada, so I linked my liquor store website)
3. Bath Bombs - Now I know, it seems weird to give a bath bomb to a male, and they might not like bath products, but maybe they will. The one I've included is the Great Bear. This bath bomb smells like cypress, rosewood, and oak moss. Basically all things forest-y, and not the girly smelling scents that they might expect. This bath bomb is $6.95, with all the proceeds going to Grizzly Grants, a charity that is working to protect bears in North America! (So not only are you giving a great little pamper treat, you're helping the bears too!)  
4. Headphones - My partner is allll about music, and he goes through headphones like crazy, so this is something that I can always include in his present and he will be happy! He is pretty particular with the type that he likes, so if you know they have a certain type they like then aim to get those, otherwise I found this pair on Amazon for only $3.78!!
5. Handy Tools - Sometimes little stocking stuffer ideas can be useful later! This $10 multi tool for example, might come in handy when you need to open a package, fix a loose screw, or open a bottle!
6. Head Massager - I love head massages, as does my partner. This gift is for when I'm not around to give him a head massage. Also, I can use it myself, so it's a gift for the both of us ;). I found this one for $6.00!
7. Razor - Everyone uses them, but no one thinks to give them as gifts. It sure is nice to have a new razor that you didn't have to purchase for yourself! I don't know much about men's razors, but this one has good reviews on amazon and only costs $7.42 on Amazon.

Hopefully this helped you with finding some cheap gifts for any guy in your life! 

What is something you would include in this list?

I wrote this post at the end of November, so products and prices may be different


  1. Great ideas! I have a vibrating head massager. Its the best thing EVER! haha

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. They sound so amazing! I love a good head massage!