Under $10 Gift Ideas for Girls

Tuesday, December 6


One of my first blogmas posts was gift ideas under $10 for guys. While I was looking for gift ideas for that post I ended up finding a lot of things for girls under $10. I didn't think it would hurt to include a post for any girls in your life that you might need a few more small gifts for! 

1. Nail Polish - I love getting a new nail polish! If you can, go for their favourite colour. If you aren't sure, then try for a holiday one. This one from Essie is from the winter collection and is called 'Party on a Platform' and is $8.73 on Amazon!
2. Alcohol - For the ladies who are of age, a favourite drink or something to add into hot chocolate this holiday season is a great gift to receive! My favourite cider at the moment is the White Cranberry  Cider (which is $ 3.99), and a small 200 mL bottle of Kahlua is only $8.79 and can be mixed with hot chocolate to have a yummy chocolate alcoholic drink! 
3. Lip Chap - I'm not sure if it's just me, but I lose these like I lose bobby pins. Receiving these as a gift can really be a life saver, especially in the cold, dry winter months! This three pack of Kissable Burts Bees is $9.33 on Amazon!
4. Ear Cover - Speaking of cold and dry, protecting your ears when the snow starts coming down is very important! I hate having cold ears, but my head gets too warm when I wear hats. So these ear covers are prefect, and also super cute! I found this one for $9.50
5. Trinket Holder - Again, not sure if it is just me, but I accumulate a lot of small trinkets that, often have no real place in my room. Having a cute holder would help declutter a dresser or jewelry box! There were a couple options online, but being a lover of pink I chose to include this one that only costs $7.99!
6.  Bath Products - The holiday season can bring with it a lot of stress and anxiety. Giving a bath product can allow the recipient to have a relaxing evening to themselves when they might be feeling a  bit stressed. I love the 'Golden Wonder' bath bomb for $6.95. I bought one for the first time last winter and I loved how it made the water shimmery and it smelled wonderful! 
7. Hair Accessories - Remember earlier how I mentioned that I always lose bobby pins? Well, include hair elastics with that list. I love getting these for Christmas, as I ALWAYS need them. Either I'll lose them, or they break. Either way, I'll need new ones eventually! The regular ties can be found for $1.90 and the cute bow ones are $4.90!
8. Slippers - Who wouldn't want a pair of cute slippers to wear when they want to be cozy? These reindeer ones are only $9.50!

Hopefully this will help you shop for any girlies in your life! I know I had more ideas for my sister while I was writing this post!

I wrote this post at the end of November, so products and prices may be different

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