Things I love & hate about Christmas

Wednesday, December 21


For today's post I thought I would share with you a list of things that I hate and things that I love about Christmas. These are just small little things, I am by no means complaining about Christmas, as it is one of my favourite times of the year. The hate is more of an 'I find these 'inconvenient'. 

Things I hate: 
 The feeling of egg wash and pecans stuck to my fingertips while baking
 When wrapping doesn't turn out the way you planned 
❅ When wrapping paper is see through and you can tell what the present is before you open it
❅ Wanting to buy something for someone but knowing you can't afford it
❅ Working a lot during the week leading up to Christmas
❅ Having to spend a whole day baking to make sure it all gets done

Things I love:
❅ The smell of cookies baking in the oven
❅ The laughter when we play games on Christmas eve with my partner's cousins
❅ Watching my family open their presents from me and my partner
❅ The feeling of having a table full of family (and good food)
❅ My grandmother's turkey gravy
❅ The Christmas music on the radio when we drive home after spending Christmas eve with family
❅ Snow on Christmas eve (that never happens anymore)
❅ Making sure my sister and I get up at the same time on Christmas morning (we're still children, I swear)
❅ Dressing up for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
❅ Family photos that we take every Christmas Eve

What is one thing you love and one thing you hate about Christmas?

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