My Favourite Christmas Chocolate

Friday, December 16


I'm not sure about you, but I love chocolate.
I love chocolate year round, but there is something about the holidays, and all the holiday boxes of chocolate that are just better than the everyday chocolate.
I thought for today's post I would share some of my favourite chocolates. You might have these where you're from, and you might not (I'm not sure what is accessible everywhere)! I'd love it if in the comments you list one of your favourite holiday chocolates so that if I can find them around here I can try them too!

Turtles - You can get these year round but for some reason they are more special when you have them over the holidays! These are one of my all time favourite chocolates, so every year I make sure to grab some! If you're unfamiliar (please go get some if you haven't ever before!) turtles are caramel and peanut clusters covered in milk chocolate!

Toffifee: These are one of my dads favourite holiday chocolates so we always have them at home around this time. They've also become one of my favourites as well! I've noticed them in stores around other times of the year but I make note not to purchase them until the holidays because they're more special that way! They have a caramel outer shell that has a hazelnut in the middle which is then covered in nougat and topped with chocolate! They're very yummy!

Belgian Seashell Chocolates: These are also one of my top favourites. Ever since I was little Santa has brought them for me every year in my stocking! They are Belgian praline chocolates which apparently (from the internet) they are caramelized hazelnuts and/or almonds ground into a paste and then covered in chocolate. I love these so much!

Terry's Chocolate Orange "Sensations": These are something that I just tried last year. I've been looking ALL over for them and I can only find them online! They are basically different variations of Terry's Chocolate Orange but they are wrapped individual slices. I like these because you don't have to open the whole orange and feel like you need to eat the whole thing at one time. You can open a few segments and eat then and the others are all still wrapped up nice!

Nutchos: These were one of my mums favourites but sadly they don't make them anymore. They were chocolate covered nut and chip bites that tasted so delicious! I found a recipe online so I might try to make them for her this year!

Well there are a few of my favourite chocolates for the holiday season! Don't forget to let me know your favourite! 

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