My Christmas Wishlist

Thursday, December 8


I'm not really one to ask for gifts at Christmas time. I'm more of the type to say that I don't need, or want anything. However, there are always things that I would buy myself if I had the money, even when I don't need them. I thought maybe for this year I would comply a few of those things that I would typically purchase for myself during the year and make it into my wishlist.
1. Be Enchanted Scent: This is my favourite scent from Bath and Body Works, and it is sadly one of the discontinued scents. You can however still purchase this online, which I would love to have!
2. Rose Gold Ring: I'm not a huge fan of necklaces, but I do enjoy wearing earrings and rings. This was one that I found on easy, and I just love the look of it. I would wear this ring on my index or middle finger on my left hand if I owned it!
3. Jeans: I need new jeans. None of the ones I own now fit me properly, and they all sag on my bum! I hate having to pull them up constantly and would love a pair that I didn't have to wear a belt with all the time!
4. A Camera remote: I would love to write fashion posts but I just don't feel comfortable putting my camera on timer and having enough time to take a nice picture. If I had the remote I would be able to take better photos. I would also be able to take family photos with much more ease. Last Christmas we tried to take a family photo with eight people and it was really difficult to make sure everyone was on the same page with the timer. 
5. Burgundy Dress: Burgundy is tied with pink as my favourite colour. If I had the choice, I think I would have my whole wardrobe in this colour. I love this dress because it doesn't cling to your figure, and the neck detail is very pretty. 
6. NYX Products: I love NYX, especially their liquid lipsticks. I would love to try some of their other products. Specifically, I would love to try the finishing spray and the Vinyl Liquid Liner.
7. Spiced Gingerbread candle: Another Bath and Body Works product. I just love their scents. I don't think I would like this in a body mist, but in a candle, I can imagine it spreading through the whole room and smelling just wonderful!

What are some items on your wishlist this year?

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