Motivational Monday: Family

Monday, December 19


For this Motivational Monday I wanted to write a little chatty post about family.
Yesterday we celebrated the holidays with my dad's side of the family. We got together to have a potluck dinner (where everyone brings a dish for supper) and exchange Christmas gifts. We don't all see each other very often anymore now that everyone is grown up so it's really nice to get together. One of my closest cousins (we're only 4 months apart) is due to have a baby girl in the beginning of January so it's very exciting to see her and hear about all that is going on in her world! Right now her and her partner have decided on a name and are finishing the babies room!
 My aunt and uncle also have a one year old so it's really nice to see them and play with our littlest cousin. Every time we see him he's grown so much! Yesterday he was crawling around and climbing up things to stand! The next time we see him he will likely be walking and talking! He also has this way of making everyone smile, for example: yesterday everyone in the room was watching him play with his newest toy (a tricycle that he can be pushed around in) and when he was being pushed around he was smiling and laughing and it had everyone in the room smiling too! It was really sweet to see. 

The food was also so yummy (with a great variety from everyone who contributed) and the chats with everyone were just so wonderful! It's funny how you don't really appreciate the time you spend with your family until this time of year. Sure, we do see everyone a few times a year and it's always really nice, but there it just seems more enjoyable this time of year. Everyone is in high spirits for the holidays, there are holiday sweets, and christmas decorations, and it just feels so cozy to be with everyone! 

I hope that you have family that makes you appreciate the time you spend with them, be it related family or chosen family (I know that there are situations in which related family is not a good company to hold, and thats okay)

What do you appreciate most about your family time?

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