Mini Gingerbread Cheesecakes

Thursday, December 22


Last year I wrote about the Turtle Thumbprint Cookies that I make every year for the holidays. While I am still making those again this year, I thought it would be a better idea to try another recipe and share it with you! After taking a long look on Pinterest at many different holiday recipes I decided that I wanted to try making mini gingerbread cheesecakes!

I found the recipe on Created by Diane. We don't have prepackaged gingerbread dough here (I've looked everywhere and couldn't find any!) so I had to find another recipe for the gingerbread! I found one for soft gingerbread from Diamonds for Dessert that I thought would be good for these mini cheesecakes!

I'm not going to write out the process, as that is why I've included the links from the other blogs original recipes! I will say that I made the gingerbread a little thick, so if I make these again I would definitely make the gingerbread thinner that way you can taste the cheesecake more! 

Now here are a couple pictures of how they turned out! I was only able to use my phone so apologies for the quality!

Today was such a great day! My sister and I baked these, the turtle cookies I mentioned and a few other Christmas goodies! It started to snow and it made us feel very festive! So we turned on the Christmas music and kept on baking! 

What is your favourite flavour of cheesecake? Mine is caramel! 

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