Christmas Chatter/To Do List

Sunday, December 18


First thing I need to address is that I know that I did not post anything yesterday. I apologize for that. I worked all day and was running on low sleep so I wasn't able to think of anything to post! I'm making up for it now by having something for today, and also working on something for tomorrow! 
We are having our family Christmas party (on my dad's side) this afternoon so I won't have much time today to write anything fancy so I thought a simple Christmas to-do list would be a great idea for today, as there are still lots of things I have left to do!

❅ Get baking supplies for Turtle thumbprint cookies, and mini gingerbread cheesecake bites
❅ Get a few last minute presents for my dad and boyfriend
❅ Wrap said last minute presents (among others that I still haven't wrapped yet!) 
❅ Bake with my sister! (We're making what I mentioned I was getting supplies for and also white chocolate cranberry cookies, and chocolate bark!) 
❅ Buy some supplies to take to the food bank
❅ Try to complete some of my holiday bucket list (like homemade hot chocolate and seeing Christmas lights!)
❅ Finish the rest of Blogmas!

Well, that is my to-do list up until Christmas. It doesn't seem like a lot, but I've been stressing over having time to do all the holiday baking since I work so much now! Hopefully I'll have time to do everything on the list! 

What is one thing you still have to do for the holidays?

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