Blogmas 2016

Thursday, December 1


This past year I've not really been consistent with writing for my blog. I've said many times that this is my little space on the internet to come and go as I please. While I love that I pop in and out without any schedule for writing, I do think a bit more consistency is needed. Sure I can come and go as I please, but writing a post and not coming back for a month is a bit too much of a jump. I'd like for this space to be more consistent, something that I want to keep coming back to week after week, rather than month after month! I'm hoping that with more consistency will come more motivation to keep going! 

So, with all that said, I've decided that I would like to do Blogmas again this year!
Blogmas last year was one of my favourite things, as I was able to write about all my favourite holiday things. I have such fond memories of blogmas, that I just knew I wanted to try my hand at it again!
Last year I found it hard to come up with 25 different blog posts, so this year will be even more of a challenge as I hope to not repeat many of the same posts that I wrote last year! We shall see how this year turns out as we go along!

Thanks to anyone who's stuck around through my inconsistent posts. This year has been a transitional year for me, after leaving university and starting work (I work three jobs at this moment, so life is hectic). I'm hoping things will start to settle down soon and i'll be back regularly with interesting content! 
For now, onto Blogmas!

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