25 Blogmas Ideas

Friday, December 2


When I was writing posts last year for blogmas I had a hard time thinking about what to post. I found it very helpful to look online at what others had posted, and ideas that others had given. I decided that this year I would also make a list of some ideas for others who might want to participate in blogmas but aren't sure what to write about! Some of these I wrote about last year (indicated by the * - you can click it to take you to that particular post) and a few are ones that I plan to write about this year (I won't indicate those, you'll have to stick around to see which ones)

❅ Gift ideas for him/her
❅ Your favourite holiday baking recipe*
❅ Favourite holiday movies*
❅ Holiday nail art
❅ LUSH Christmas product review/haul*
❅ Holiday party make-up look
❅ Homemade hot chocolate
❅ Making/decorating a gingerbread house
❅ Winter photography*
❅ One of your regular posts but a holiday edition*
❅ Holiday traditions
❅ Blogmas post ideas
❅ DIY Christmas gifts
❅ Letters to Santa
❅ Elf on the shelf ideas
❅ Holiday outfit of the day
❅ Christmas poems
❅ Host a holiday giveaway
❅ Christmas jokes
❅ How to make the best Christmas dinner
❅ DIY Christmas decorations
❅ Ugly Christmas sweaters
❅ Your favourite Christmas memories
❅ Secret Santa ideas
❅ What Youtubers/Bloggers Holiday content you like*

Hopefully this will help anyone who is thinking about starting blogmas! I'm not sure if others post every day in December, but I only post until Christmas!

What would you add to this blogmas idea list?


  1. Great ideas! I always find it difficult to come up with new posts so this will definitely help me! :)
    Isabella x www.isabellaschoice.com

    1. I find it difficult too! I'm glad this will help you!