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Thursday, October 13


This is the final post of three dark lipstick reviews. I have loved trying these dark lips, and it's made me really want to start wearing all my dark clothing! I know there is an 'unwritten rule' that you should wear a dark or bold lip with a subtle eye look, but I still want to experiment with my eyes to see what looks best with dark lips! Maybe by the end of autumn I'll have figured out some makeup style that works for me!

The product: 
Milani Lipstick in the shade "Chilled Brandy"

My thoughts: 
♡ This is my favourite of the three
♡ I love the colour, I think it looks best with my hair and eye colour
♡ Also, burgundy is my favourite colour, so it's no surprise that I love this one!
♡ This lipstick has shimmer in it, to complement the colour, which I also really like! I have a lot of matte shades, because I like them a lot, but having a lipstick with shimmer is also nice
♡ The lipstick is very drying though, which is one of the only downsides

Rating the Product: 
♡ 9/10: The only thing that I don't enjoy about this product is how dry it feels on my lips. I just love the colour so much that I will wear it even though it dries my lips out a lot! 

What is your favourite dark lipstick?

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