Ipsy Subscription Review and Favourites

Thursday, October 20


Last year for my birthday my partner got me a years subscription to ipsy. Since the year has past and I've received all twelve subscriptions, I thought I would review the service and show you my favourite items I have received. I have written posts regarding a couple of my favourite items, so I will link to those when they come up in this post! 

So to start off this review, I received my first bag in October 2015 and my last bag in September 2016. I received all twelve bags without any hassle, apart from July's bag but that was an issue with Canada Post going on strike. I received the July bag as soon as they were able to ship to Canada. Ipsy lets you see what items you will be receiving typically around the 7-11th of the month and then they ship/arrive around the 17-20th of the month. Each month you receive 5 products in your bag, and they have a quiz when you sign up that tailors your products to your liking. In total I received: 
♡ 1 Eyebrow Pencil
♡1 BB Cream
♡ 1 Translucent Powder
♡ 1 Beauty Tool
♡ 1 Eye Cream
♡ 2 Makeup Primers
♡ 2 Makeup Removers
♡ 3 Highlighters
♡ 3 Nail Polishes 
♡ 4 Eyeliners
♡ 5 Mascaras
♡ 5 Makeup Brushes
♡ 5 Face Scrubs
♡ 7 Eyeshadows
♡ 7 Hair products
♡ 12 Lip products

Keep in mind these are all sample size except for the tools, brushes and one lip product that I received. 

In terms of my happiness with the products: I loved getting brushes because it helped expand my collection and I often received ones that I did not own (for example I received an angled blush brush that I did not have prior to ipsy). I'm not too big on nail polish, so I indicated in my quiz that I wasn't very interested in that type of product. That being said, I always received colours that I would not have picked out myself that I ended up really liking, for example I received a pinkish grey one that was so beautiful on the nails that did not look good in the bottle. I got tired of receiving mascaras, eyeshadows, hair and lip products. I am glad that I received them to have a variety of makeup to use, but I just got tired of getting the same thing over and over.

Now onto a few of my overall favourites: 

All individual product photos taken from ipsy and collaged by myself

1. Beau Gachis' beauty blender, or 'applicator sponge' as they call it - I own the real techniques blender, and when I got this one I was excited to see if they worked similarly or if one was better than the other. I liked this one so much that I tossed the real techniques one!
3. The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Hughes - I received this small sample size in the shade 'Committed' and loved it so much my partner got me a full sized one in 'Sentimental' for christmas that I reviewed here!
4. Pixi by Petra's beauty blush duo - I love this as a highlighter as well as a blush. It is just so pretty!
5 Nyx Liquid Suede. I did a review of this - you can read that here
6. Buxom's Whipped Lipstick - I reviewed this here, but it is basically the most moisturizing lipstick I've ever owned!
7. IT Cosmetic's Superhero mascara - Since I got a few different mascaras, I was able to try them all out and find which ones I liked. I liked this wand the best because I don't find myself getting it all over my eyelid like some of the other ones I received (keep in mind this is also human error as I am not the best at mascara application).

My final thoughts on ipsy: 
I am really glad that I got this subscription. I was able to receive products that I would not have otherwise purchased, and experiment with colours that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to try otherwise. While I like the idea of the products coming in a new bag each month, after receiving twelve, they become more of a nuisance than anything else. There were a few products that I did not use as much as I should have, and after receiving a lot of the same type of product I found that some did not get used at all. 
After all of that, the ultimate question is would I subscribe to this again? My answer at this time is No. I think I would prefer to try other  makeup subscription services to see how they are compared to ipsy. 
All in all, I would give ipsy a 7.5/10! 

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