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Tuesday, October 18


I keep apologizing for the long time between posts, yet I keep doing it. (Sorry!)
To update you a bit, I've finally found a part time job and have a little income (yay)! 

Since I have finally have some income, I've finally be able to start doing more things. Before I definitely was feeling the FOMO - "Fear of missing out." I'd see social media posts from friends who were doing lots of fun stuff and I just kept thinking "I wish I could go do things!"
At one point I was talking to my partner about how I wanted to be able to do things with my friends, and he just looked at me and said "you've got fomo." He wasn't wrong. 

Its nice to finally have a bit of freedom to go somewhere, if I feel like it - especially in my favourite season! Then I heard about Eventbrite's idea of combating FOMO with something new - GOMO ("Going out more often"). If you're interested in finding and planning events to combat FOMO, Eventbrite is definitely the place to go!

So, to celebrate this new found freedom, and to try out the GOMO motto, my partner and I went out Saturday afternoon to a local corn maze. There were loads of people out, with their children, pets, family and friends. It was so nice to see people having a good time at the farm. There were tractor rides, freshly popped popcorn, BBQ goods, and of course, my favourite, the corn maze! The maze isn't really a maze - you have a map. The point of the 'maze' is to find all the hidden clues and picture stations throughout the maze. So you need the map to figure out where you are and where all the stations are. I like the aspect of having the map and figuring out where you are relative to everything else around you. The maze also has two bridges, where at some point in the maze you climb stairs and walk over the bridge, then at other points in the maze you have to walk underneath the bridge to progress through it. It's really neat! I really enjoyed getting out this weekend and spending some quality time with my partner doing something that we can't do all year 'round!

 My forehead looks huge, but this was before the maze and I was just really excited to get in there!

 See, I was all smiles! 

 Corn mazes me look so tiny. I'm average height, but look so small compared to it!

 This was in the beginning of the maze. the ribbon starts off blue and then as you move past half way the ribbon is white. 

 One of the many stations positioned throughout the maze. I was in charge of finding them.

 This was taken on top of a bridge! Look at all the corn! 

Here is an example of the white ribbon! 

I loved the GOMO motto and will be trying to get out more often this fall. It's my favourite season, and the leaves will only stay this bright for a little while longer before they all fall to the ground and then it will be snowing (ugh). 

What is your favourite fall activity? Let me know in the comments so that I can try it out too! 

Eventbrite did contact me about GOMO but this is not a sponsored post.

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