Dark Lipsticks

Wednesday, September 28


Autumn is fast approaching, and so too is the dark lip.
I have a very pale complexion and while some dark colours don't look as good on me, I enjoy trying them anyway!
I thought I would share/review three lipsticks that I own that are darker shades. Normally I stick to the neutral and pinkish shades, but I do have a few darker shades in my collection that I bring out in the cooler months.
Two of the three lipsticks that I will be reviewing are much darker than one, but I just received it and thought I would include it.

I've decided that I will review one lipstick for the next three weeks (meaning three lipstick posts!), starting with the first one, (Pixi by Petra) tomorrow, the second one (Dirty Little Secret) will be the following Thursday (the 6th) and the final one (Milani) will be Thursday the 13th! I thought this would be better than overloading all three into one post, which would be super long!
Autumn is my favourite season of the year so I am super excited for the next three months, and wearing some darker colours both on my face, and my clothing! (Burgundy is my favourite colour)

See you tomorrow for the first of three dark lipstick reviews!

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