Things I've Learned From Puppysitting

Friday, July 22


My partner's aunt and uncle got a puppy back in March, and since they've got a son whose big into sports we've been helping them puppysit while they travel to their away games and tournaments. 
I've learned a lot from puppy sitting, and I thought it would be good to write a little bit about it here, for when I decide that I want to get my own furry little pup. 
I've watched this little pup by myself for the afternoon, and my partner and I have watched her together for weekends when sports have them far away. Coming up soon we are watching her for a week, which is the longest we've had to care for her. Hopefully things go smoothly! 

This is the puppy that we watch, she's a bernadoodle (Bernese and a poodle mix)

Some things that I've learned while watching this pup: 
♡ Puppies can get into everything, even if you think they can't... they can
♡ Having written instructions for a dog harness is WAY more complicated than having someone show you! She has a special harness, to stop her from eating wood off the ground around their house since it really upsets her stomach, and it's very difficult to put on!
♡ When puppies get excited, they pee on the floor
♡ A pup that's not your own likely won't be obedient with you, for at least the first day you're watching them
♡ Puppies are so much maintenance!
♡ I'm not ready to have my own pup
♡ Still cute though ;) 

So those are my thoughts about puppies and being a puppy sitter. We're watching her a few more times this summer, so hopefully things continue to go smoothly!


  1. Aww she is too cute! I wish I could have a dog but unfortunately i'm allergic!

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. She's cute, but can be naughty! I thought I wanted a dog before I watched one for an extended length of time, now I'm not so sure

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