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Monday, July 11


It's been a while since my last post, but I'm happy to say that I am feeling much (MUCH) better! I'm not sure what sickness I caught, but I'm so glad that it's gone (thank you immune system!)

In my May ipsy subscription I received a nude gel lip liner and in April's subscription I received a 'whipped' lipstick in a very similar shade, so I thought that I would see how the two products worked together!

Firstly, I've never tried lip liner before as I am a newbie with makeup. I have noticed some lipsticks that I wear, particularly liquid lipsticks, that would benefit from using a lip liner because they bleed into the skin around my lips, but I haven't bought any lip liners to date. 

On to the products: 
The lip liner is from bellĂ pierre and it is in the shade "No. 02 Nude." I outlined my lips with the liner but did not fill in my entire lips.
The lipstick is for Buxom and is in the shade "Centrefold." This was applied after the liner and then blended with the lipstick applicator.

My thoughts: 
♡ Application of both products was easy and didn't take long at all!
Before the lipstick was applied, the liner was very dry on my lips. I believe that is typical of liners, but having no experience with them, that was the first thing I noticed.
♡ Since the lipstick was a 'whipped' texture, it was very moisturizing, which felt great on my lips after having just liner on.
♡ I was so happy that the two products worked well together! I was worried one would be darker than the other and it would look awful but luckily it worked.

Rating the products: 
♡  bellĂ pierre lip liner: 7/10. I liked this product, but I think I would have rated it higher if it was in a colour that I know I would use a lot. I'm not sure this colour will be used a lot, even with the lipstick because I don't know how I feel wearing nude shades.
♡ Buxom lipstick: 8.5/10. Again, the shade is what is lacking in this lipstick. I love the whipped texture, it is amazingly moisturizing and feels great on!

Here is what the products looked like on. I've never wore a nude lip before, so this was definitely a new thing for me to try, and I like it more than I was anticipating I would!

What is your favourite nude lip product?

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