Week update: Sick

Tuesday, June 21


So about a week ago I started coming down with some sickness, and it's been the most awful week. I've had high temperature, body aches, body chills/shivers, excessive sweating, headaches, cough, and phlegm (the worst symptom!!). The first day I was confined to the couch at my partners because if I moved I got so cold that I would shiver. Then for the rest of the week the days have been manageable, but the evening/nights are brutal. I usually get a high temperature at night, so I'm physically warm, but I have the body chills so I feel cold to myself. So I have to have the fan on, but I have to stay under the blankets or I'll freeze and if I stay under the covers for too long I sweat excessively. I just can't win with this sickness. I finally was able to get some cough medicine for the cough and phlegm and I'm hoping it'll make me feel better!

How has your week been going?

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