Almost finished my undergraduate degree / Taking a gap year

Sunday, April 3

It felt so surreal typing the title of this post. This coming week will be my last full week of my undergraduate degree. I can't believe that four years have come and gone, and soon i'll actually have to figure out what I want to do with my life. While it is so exciting to think that in a month I'll be graduating with all my friends, it is so stressful and scary to think of what lies ahead after this year. I'm still unsure of where I want to go and do after this year, and it's a big decision that will impact the rest of my life. (Talk about stressful!!)

I've decided that next year I will be taking a break from school. I went straight into university from high school, and I never had the chance to just stop and decided what I really want to do. I'm so happy with the degree that I will be receiving in a month, but it will be nice to stop and think where I can go from there. 
Sure, I'll have to work the year because nothing in this world is free (and i'll have student loans to pay back), but I think not being in school will be a good change for me. A change I've never experienced before.

While I do plan on taking the year off, I do still need to decide quickly what I want to do with my life. If I decide that I do want to continue with more education, which I am almost positive that I do, then I will have to spend the summer studying for the GREs. 
Now, I'm not sure if these are the same everywhere, but in Canada the GREs stand for the Graduate Record Examinations, and it is a standardized test that (mostly) everyone who wishes to apply to a master's level education (which is also known as a Graduate levels and hence the name of the test) is required to take before applying to school. This is the aspect that I am most stressed out about. While I am fully prepared to study my summer away and write the test in August, I am so afraid that I will fail, and all of my plans will crumble with that failed test. 
I know I am being unrealistic, and if I study hard and put in all my effort - and it's something I truly want to do- I'll be able to do the test no problem, it's just new and different and stressful. 

Nonetheless, I graduate in a month, and then I will be free to decide what my life will become. I hope to bring you along this summer, as I'm pretty sure I'll need someone to complain about how much studying i'll be doing!

Have you ever been stressed about school? How did you handle things?


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