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Tuesday, March 15

It feels like forever since I've written one of these posts, but I'm back at it again, this time my dream destination is: England!

I'm sure there are many many people who would love to travel to England, and I am definitely one of those people!
I watch so many of the British youtubers and I just want to experience all that there is to see in England. 
From the beach huts along the Brighton seafront to the typical tourist sights in London (The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, you get the picture), to the Stonehedge.

Now, I've seen Zoella explore Brighton, and the Michalaks are wonderful at showing how great London can be! I've watched Cupcake Jemma and would love to try something from the Crumbs and Doilies bakery! However, watching them on youtube is just not the same as experiencing things first hand. I would love to be there in person to explore the same areas!

I want to experience the British culture, explore all the tiny nooks and crannies that London, amongst other places that England has to offer, and I most certainly want to hear the lovely British accents! 

I've noticed that with England in particular in my Dream Destination posts, that there are less event related things that I want to do, and more experiencing the culture. I find that quite interesting, because with places like Florida, and New York there are distinct things that I want to do and see.

Where is your favourite place in England?

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