Surviving Exams Before Christmas | Blogmas Day 4

Friday, December 4


Countdown until Christmas: 21 Days!

Today I thought I would write a little post about getting through exams in December. I find this one of the most difficult times in University. Around the beginning of December it starts getting cold enough  for snow to start falling. It typically melts when it hits the ground because the ground is still quite warms, but the falling snow distracts me enough as it is.

Here are some issues I have when studying, and how I combat them: 

For me, once December (who am I kidding, the middle of November) hits, I am ready to listen to christmas music up until December 25th. This causes me an issue when I'm trying to study because I find christmas music quite distracting, and I tend not to study properly. I would rather sing along and watch the christmas music videos than study. My tip for overcoming this is to listen to this type of christmas music. I find that since it has no lyrics, and is rather relaxing, I am better able to focus on studying the material in front of me, rather than looking at christmas things online, or getting distracted by social media. (which leads me into my second issue)

Another issue that I tend to have while studying for exams is that I will study for 5 minutes, and then spend the next 20 on social media. I am the type of person, that if I check one social media site, I need to check them all, which results in spending far too much time not studying. To combat this issue, throughout the school year I write notes in my laptop, but during tests and exams I re-write all the notes into a notebook. (As a psychology student, I've learned that this also helps with memory consolidation, which basically means re-writing notes helps you remember them better) When I have the notes in front of me in paper form, I can just put my relaxing christmas music on and set my laptop away from me, so that I focus only on the paper notes I have, and not on distracting websites like social media!

Some other tips for studying in general (not just around Christmas time): 

Use multi coloured pens to write different things in your notes (for example, each chapter I write in a different colour, but green is always examples given in class). 

If there are diagrams or graphs in your notes, re draw them so that you understand how they are made. 

If you have a noisy dorm floor, or roommate (I live at home, and my family is quite distracting) GO TO THE LIBRARY! (Most people do this already, but there are a few out there who don't - I was one of those people) Honestly, the library is great because it is quiet. It's so difficult to concentrate when people are talking to you, or to others in close distances to you. People are social by nature, so you're more prone to listen in to conversations than to actually study material that you should be if conversations are happening around you. 

There are some tips to help get you through exams! 
My exams start Monday, and I've got to get through 4!
Happy studying!

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