Shopping For the 'Difficult One' On Your List | Blogmas Day 5

Saturday, December 5


Countdown until Christmas: 20 days!

Do you have someone on your shopping list that is very difficult to shop for? ( I know I do, my partner is so difficult to buy for!)

Here are some things that I try to do when I can't think of what to buy that difficult person:

- Listen all year to things they casually say they'd like. This will come in handy when it gets close to their birthday/Christmas when you can't think of anything they would like/want. For example, all last year my partner was complaining about how his belt was breaking and he wanted a new one, but he never got around to getting himself one. I took that as my opportunity to get him one for Christmas. He was very happy to see a new belt on Christmas, as his old one was basically falling apart!

- Pay attention to the things they have and the things they ask others for. I know in my situation, my partner has an Amazon Wishlist for his family members to get ideas from. I try not to purchase things from that list, as to not get him duplicate items, but it helps to get an idea of the things he is asking for. For example, my partner often asks for Xbox games and gadgets (controllers and other things) to make his gaming experience better. Rather than getting him the things on that list, I could simply get him the Microsoft points (basically a gift card for Xbox) so that he can buy a game of his choice. This way I won't accidentally get him a duplicate game, and he can choose how he wants the money/points spent!

- Be honest with them and tell them you are finding it difficult to find something they would like, and ask for two or three ideas for things they would be happy to get. This ensures that you get them something they actually like, and not something you think they will like, but they actually don't. 

- This tip is for the rebels out there who want to blindly surprise the person with something and hope that they will like the gift. Get creative. Think of the things they like (tv shows, movies, music, favourite hobbies or animals) and find something creative to get them. For example, my partner's favourite animal is a tiger. For christmas last year, I adopted a tiger from WWF and got him a little tiger stuffed animal to represent it. When he opened the gift he first thought it was just a stuffed toy with no meaning (which he was only okay with) but when he found out what the tiger represented (by the WWF certificate) he was surprised and super happy with the gift!

These are just some ideas to help you cross 'the difficult one' off your shopping list! I hope some of these ideas helped!

How do you shop for that someone who is difficult to buy for?

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