Motivational Monday: Winter | Blogmas Day 21

Monday, December 21


Countdown until Christmas: 4 Days!

If you don't experience much winter weather where you live, consider yourselves lucky!
I dread starting school back up in January, as I'll have to drive to university in snow and slush. 
There will even be times where the public schools will be cancelled, and i'll still need to drive in to university because the campus is still open!

Anyway, enough complaining about winter driving. 
Since tomorrow is the 'First Day of Winter' I wanted to mentally prepare myself for what winter is going to bring, and this quote made me chuckle at how true it is: 

In my house we keep the heat on regularly in the winter, and sometimes my tiny little bathroom is so warm it's like you're in a sauna!
I think the reason that I like this quote so much is because in the winter I constantly hear people saying 'I can't wait until Summer, it's too cold and gross outside', but then in the summer I hear people saying 'I can't wait until Winter, it's too hot and humid outside'. It seems as though people are never happy with the temperature and weather outside. 
I persoanlly am not a fan of the winter (too wet/slushy), but I try not to complain too much, because I am also not a fan of summer (I get hot very quickly, so thats not fun in the summer). 

Regardless of what I think of the winter, it's coming anyway. I just have to deal with it and i'll make it through! 
I will have to say my favourite thing about winter is when it snows the big fluffy flakes! It looks so pretty. Especially with all the Christmas lights outside, it's a beautiful sight!

What is your favourite thing about winter?

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