Holiday Excitement | Blogmas Day 15

Tuesday, December 15


Countdown until Christmas: 10 Days!

I'm on the final stretch of my exams (1 left tomorrow) and my last one is going to be the one I need to study the most for. Unfortunately that means my blogmas post will have to lack a little until I get this exam out of the way!

For today's post I thought I would list all the things I am excited to do once I finish my exams and lead up to Christmas! 

- Watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Home Alone with my partner!
- Drinking warm apple cider
- Baking with my sister, and listening to Christmas music while we bake!
- Making my parents stockings (this year my sister decided that we should make our parents stockings, so I'm excited to try it out!)
- Wearing crazy christmas sweaters with my partner and his cousins (we all have ones!)
- Seeing my family at our Christmas party (we're having a get together next weekend so that Christmas week isn't as busy for everyone)
- Driving around and seeing all the beautiful Christmas lights

Okay, I suppose I should leave this here and get back to studying!

What are you excited for this Holiday season?

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