Festive Rice Cereal Treats | Blogmas Day 18

Friday, December 18


Countdown until Christmas: 7 Days! 

I'm finished exams!
That means that I can bake to my little hearts content now!

For today's post I'm going to show you how my sister and I have decided to make rice cereal treats more festive for Christmas!

To make the treats you'll need: 

Butter (just enough to help your marshmallows melt)
Vanilla Extract (a teaspoon - or a capful)
Rice Cereal (we used the Holiday Rice Krispies) 
Depending on how marshmallow-y you like your treats, you can vary the amount of marshmallow and rice cereal you combine together. When we made the treats we used about a third of a package of both the marshmallows and the rice cereal

Now to make them festive you can add your own spin on things, but this is what we used: 

Cookie Cutters (not plastic, you'll never get the treats out of plastic ones)
(We did find some sprinkles in our cupboard that we ended up using too)

My tip for making these treats using cookie cutters is to keep your fingers cold with cold water. The marshmallow won't be as sticky if your fingers have been in cold water. 
My sister and I also kept the cookie cutters in cold water in between uses and dried them off before filling with rice cereal treats.

My sister and I decided to make a half batch now, and we're making another batch closer to Christmas. Next time we're swapping out the vanilla extract for peppermint extract and decorating with chocolate instead of icing! Hopefully they'll turn out yummy!

How would you make these treats more festive?

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