Favourite Vlogmas' on Youtube | Blogmas Day 23

Wednesday, December 23


Countdown until Christmas: 2 days!!!!

For today's post I thought I would share my top 3 favourite Youtubers who have been participating in vlogmas this year!

- Zoella: I love how festive Zoe is! Not only has she been participating in vlogmas she also has posted a video on her main channel every single day of December! Zoe is one of my favourites to watch for vlogmas because of how into the festive season she is. She has been making me super excited for Christmas this year! I loved the day when they went to get their christmas tree!

- The Michalaks: I've said before how much I love their weekly vlogs, so when they announced that they would be participating in vlogmas I was super excited to be able to see little Grayson everyday! Stef works so hard editing their vlogs, and it really shows because they are so amazing. Their vlogs were less festive - they still did festive things mind you- I still really enjoyed seeing how their days progressed. I like being able to see what their family is up to daily, and I really think i'll miss being able to watch them every day when they go back to weekly vlogs!

- Jenna Marbles: I love Jenna. I love her attitude on life, her personality, how down to earth and honest she is, and her videos. When she said she would be doing vlogmas this year, I was so excited! Her videos make me feel like I'm right there with her, which is something I like in a vlog. Her vlogs leading up to her trip to see her brother and his family have me so excited to spend quality time with my own family!

Who is your favourite youtuber to watch during vlogmas?


  1. Great post hun! I’ve been loving Vlogmas too, mainly Tanya Burrs but others too! Zoella has some nice content at the mo, it’s so true she is one festive chick! Merry Christmas! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  2. I agree! I watched every day of Zoe & The Michalaks and loved it. :)

    Erin | beingerin.com