Dream Vacation Destination: Holiday Edition | Blogmas Day 10

Thursday, December 10


Countdown until Christmas: 15 Days!

For today's Blogmas post, I want to do a Dream Vacation Destination, but with a holiday twist!
Rather than saying one place I'd like to visit and including things I'd like to do there, I thought for the holiday edition I would post different places and what holiday things I would like to do there!

New York - I have heard wonderful things about the outside ice skating area, and I would love to go there for a romantic winter date night! Wear a warm jacket, grab some hot chocolate, and lace up the ice skates and twirl around the ice. It sounds so magical! That would definitely get me in the holiday mood! 

Florida/Disney World - I would LOVE to experience the holiday's at a Disney park! Things would seem even more magical, and although the crowds would be huge, I think it would be worth it to experience the holidays there!

London - Experiencing Hogwarts (At the Warner Bros studio) in the snow! I would love to visit the Hogwarts set anytime of the year, but around Christmas time would just be icing on the cake! I can't imagine a more festive way to get in the holiday mood. Hogwarts in itself is magical, so adding the magic that the holidays bring would be so special!

Munich, Germany - I would love to experience the Christmas market! From the photos I've seen online, it looks beautiful!

Switzerland - Riding a train through the snow covered Switzerland sounds wonderful. I've never been on a train before, and being on one while watching the snow fall sounds like such a great idea!

These are just some of the things I would love to do around the world during the Holidays!

Where would you like to travel for the holidays, and what would you do?

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