Christmas Wrapping | Blogmas Day 13

Sunday, December 13


Countdown until Christmas: 12 days!

For today's Blogmas post, I thought I would share how I wrap my christmas presents! I am the worlds worst wrapper (and rapper, for that matter), but I like to try anyway. I'm hoping that practice will improve my skills! (so far, no luck)

What I use:  

Wrapping paper (or a festive gift bag for those inclined not to wrap presents!)
Gift name tags
Ribbons and bows (optional)

Basically, I wrap presents as one normally would (but picture really terrible wrapping) but I'm the type of present wrapper that uses tape EVERYwhere! I love to make it difficult to get your present open! 

Another thing I like to do is make the tag more personal. If I'm giving the gift to someone I know, I'll add 'love' above 'from' and 'xo' at the end. It feels more personal than a simple 'to - from' tag. If you're feeling super creative you could even make your own tags, which look even better!

Since I've mentioned (many times) that I'm not the best with wrapping, I tend to overcompensate with the ribbons and bows! I can make the present look very pretty to take attention away from the bad wrapping job!

How do you wrap Christmas presents?

P.S. my last exam is in a couple days, and then I get to Christmas bake! 

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  1. Oh I know what you mean! I suck at wrapping presents! I just need to remind myself that they're only going to be torn apart and thrown into the garbage anyway so it doesnt really matter how they look! haha

    Renee | Lose the Road