Monday, November 9


Today's post is going to be about change!
I'm not sure if anyone else gets this way, but when my hair gets too long I want it all gone! 
It was everywhere! It was so long, and heavy when it got wet. It would get stuck under my arms whenever I moved my arms, and I shed more hair than I thought humanely possible! 
It also took SO much shampoo to wash it all, and I felt like it needed too much conditioner as well!
So last night, I chopped it all off! 

This is from halloween night, and is the newest photo I have of how long my hair got! 

This is what it looks like now!

I love my new cut so much!
I didn't get it styled or anything, as I figured I can just curl or straighten it if need be.

I'm also happy to say that now my hair is all natural and the next time I need to cut that much hair off I will be able to donate it! 

When is the last time you had a hair cut?

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