Summer Vacation to PEI! 2015

Thursday, August 6


I'm almost positive that in one of my dream vacation destination posts (probably the first one) I mentioned that I don't travel much - like at all really - so when my partner's family decided to spend a weekend in Prince Edward Island, I couldn't wait to experience all that I could! I'd never been to PEI before, so I was new to the whole experience: from the bridge, the copious amounts of Anne of Green Gables and Cows products, the amazing shore views while driving along the coast and more!

The first of my new experiences was the bridge! I had NO idea that it had up and down hill sections (sorry for lack of proper wording there) . They really aren't as bad as the picture makes it look, but I thought it looked so cool when you were driving up to that part of the bridge!

We stopped at one of the tourist places after we got off the bridge and this was my first experience with a cow from Cows! (For anyone that isn't aware of what Cow's is, it is an ice creamery that makes amazing ice cream flavours, often named after cows or PEI places. They also do cow puns on their clothing like "Orange is the Moo Black")

We then traveled to Cavendish which is where our cabin was located. After we got situated and figure out sleeping arrangements and made a trip to the liquor store, (Can't have a vacation without a little of-age fun!)  we headed to the beach for a little while that evening. It was so beautiful! I still can't get over the amazing colour of the sand!

 It is so hard to take a selfie with him, as he's SO much taller than I am... 

 On the drive back I noticed one house on the top of a cliff. I thought it looked very pretty. 

Later that night my partners cousin and I were trying to figure out more settings on our cameras and we were able to figure out how to do the sparkler photos that I have seen on Pinterest! So neat! 

The next day we spent some of the morning biking along the beaches and then after we were tired and sweaty from that we spent a little while on the beach and then we went to mini golf. We went into  Charlottetown that evening for dinner, but since there were about 12 of us eating I didn't want to get my camera and shove it in anyones face. 

The last day we went to the Cavendish Boardwalk before heading for home. There is a larger cows creamery there and I indulged on some chocolate covered potato chips and ice cream, as I couldn't help myself! 

I had such an amazing time in PEI with my partner and his family. I loved seeing a different province of Canada, and although I found it quite similar to Nova Scotia, it sure was beautiful nonetheless!

Have you ever been to PEI? What is your favourite thing to do there?


  1. Really nice photos. It looks so lovely :)

  2. I just went to PEI for the first time this summer as well!! We also stayed in Cavendish! :) You are so right, I said to my boyfriend while we were there that I feel like we're home because it looks so similar! The only difference really is the red sand and a MILLION potato fields!! Hope your trip was amazing! :)

    Renee | Lose The Road