Fun Fact Friday

Friday, August 28


It's been a while since I've written some fun facts about myself, so I figured that's what I would write a post about for today!

Fun Fact 1: I am left handed, and use my dominant hand for most tasks, except using scissors. I use my right hand when using scissors because I find I am able to control what I am cutting better with my left hand while my right hand uses the scissors. 

Fun Fact 2: I always used to say that my favourite colour was green, when in reality I would always pick pink or yellow over green if given the chance. I now gladly admit that I like pink and yellow more than I do green. It is interesting though, that in terms of clothing, my favourite colour is burgundy. I think it's because it is a fall colour which is my favourite season!

Fun Fact 3: I adore cute heels, but I can never wear them. It's not that I "can't wear heels", it's that my feet are too wide to find any cute heels that fit properly. It's tragic for my poor huge feet, because they want to feel pretty too. I go through the mall, or online shop and think "Oh! Those heels are so beautiful" but when I look at the sizes I'm overcome with sadness because my poor size 10 women wide (Sometimes I even need size 11 if the heels have straps) feet can't fit into any shoes properly.

What is one fun fact about yourself?


  1. I love these type of posts, it helps the readers to get to know you better. :)
    I actually did a 25 facts about me on my blog very recently

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