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Monday, August 24

"Some tortures are physical, And some are mental. But the one that is both, Is dental." ~Ogden Nash

Okay, I have to admit something: I hate the dentist. I hate the anxiety I feel about dentists. I hate the smell of the dentist's office. I hate the freezing needles in my mouth. I hate the sound of the drill when you have a cavity filled. . .
Ugh. I hate it. 
(Also, sorry if I gave anyone anxiety reading that last bit. I feel your pain!)

But. . .
For the past month I've been having really bad pain from one of my surfaced wisdom teeth. It was so bad that I went  in for an emergency dentist appointment to see what was wrong. Turns out (to no one's surprise) that I need to have it removed by an oral surgeon. Since you need to be referred by a dentist to an oral surgeon it was recommended that I get all four wisdom teeth out a once (and I figure it'd likely save me some money as it would be one trip and only one time needing anesthesia).
I go for the surgery in a little more than a week and I'm just so nervous! I am not a fan of needles (as I know I've written about before) so having an intravenous anesthesia scares the living crap out of me.
The worst thing of all though, is that even though I am terrified out of my mind to get this done, I am so looking forward to it because my tooth hurts so bad sometimes that I want to rip my face off (This is actually no exaggeration, I literally want to rip my face off...)

My motivation for this Monday is to feel calm and collected before I get this surgery. I know the surgeon has done this countless times before and there will be no problems at all. I just need to keep calm and focus on the positives that this surgery will have and I'll be fine. 

Now to go stock up on apple sauce and popsicles. . .

Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? How was your experience?

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