Friday, July 3


Last weekend, my partner and I took my younger sister and her partner to the zoo. 

The sun was out but it wasn't too hot. That being said, most of the big animals found it much hotter than I did, and they were either inside their buildings or lying in the shade. 

Since they were clearly trying to avoid the heat, I couldn't get many pictures of the bigger animals, but I did get some good ones of some other animals!

 This poor little guy was trying so hard to get turned right side up, so my partner went and told a worker at the zoo and they got him turned around quickly so he wouldn't hurt himself!


 This is a Zonkey. Part Zebra (as you can see from the striped legs) and part Donkey (as seen in the face area)

white peacock
 This guy was hiding from everyone, but he was so beautiful. This was as close as I, and my camera zoom could get to him. 

black duck with red beak

We picked a great time to see the animals, because it was also the time when many of the animals were having their babies. 
Mama pig with her piglets
 Baby piglets!

Baby black goat
 A baby goat! So tiny and adorable!

Mama and baby llama
Baby llama!

petting a llama
My sister was able to pet some of the calm llamas that were roaming through the zoo


Peacock feathers
 Peacock feathers are just so pretty!

This was actually before we went into the zoo, and I had to prop my camera on the back of my car, and use a cell phone under the lens to make sure our heads would be in the shot. We had a great time!

What is your favourite animal at the zoo?


  1. You took great pictures!! :)
    Seems like you had a great time!!


    Xoxo Jessy