Weekend in Photos | May 29-31

Monday, June 1


For this weekend in photos, I'm going to show you a little bit of a festival that happens every year where I live!

Friday May 29th
Friday is the one of two big days for the festival, there's a ball field that everyone comes to for a fireworks show that starts around 10pm. My partner and I walked down to the park and got there around 8pm, but before it got too dark I was able to take a couple pictures of some pretty flowers that I wanted to include:
Purple Flowers Pink Flowers

Then once we got to the park and had a spot for the fireworks it was just a waiting game. They had live music 
(A Fleetwood Mac cover band, that was very good!)

 Waiting for fireworks selfie!

Then came the fireworks, and they were really amazing this year!
Green Firework Fireworks

Cool Firework
This was a set of fireworks that were attached to some sort of rope or wire and it looked like a waterfall!

Big Fireworks show!

Afterwards we walked home - which was very crazy, as ALL the people that had eventually made their way to the park over the course of the afternoon/evening try to leave at the same time. 
The road is literally full of people and cars aren't able to drive anywhere until the crowds start dwindling down and get farther away from the park! (Good thing I'm not claustrophobic!!)

Saturday May 30th
Saturday morning there is a parade for children that have lots of awesome things that they enjoy (I haven't been to that parade in a long time, as I am not a child, nor do I have children) then later in the afternoon there is a parade for all ages. My partner and I have gone with his family to this parade for the last three years together. There are lots of things to see, thats for sure!

Like Animals:


Dog trainers were in the parade and their doggies were doing cute tricks

Cars dressed up as animals (or with faces):
Turtle Truck
 Turtle Truck!

Bunny Mustang
 Bunny Mustang!

Happy Face Bus
Happy Face Bus!

Clown walking a hotdog

Clown Car

and even Superheros and Princesses!

Snow White


My partner and I also went out Saturday night, as there are usually numerous parties that happen Friday and Saturday. We got invited out for a few drinks with some friends, which was really nice as we hadn't seen some of them in a little while!

Sunday May 31st
This was my wind down day. I slept in, and didn't do anything! It was wonderful!

How was your weekend?


  1. Ouuu seems like you had a very eventful couple of days!! :)
    great shots!


    Xoxo Jessy

    1. Oh yes! I was glad to have Sunday to recuperate!