Friday, June 5


First matter of business in this post is that I have clearly not been as active in blogging as I was a couple of months ago. I have finished this year of uni and am in the summer months, but that doesn't mean I'm not still busy. Between job hunting and working on my dissertation (We call it a thesis here) I've not had much time this week to write a post. I considered doing another dream vacation post, but I just recently posted one, so I decided against it - at least for a little while. 

As I already mentioned, I am just in the beginning stages for my dissertation in Psychology. If it sounds intimidating, thats because it is... 
I've read roughly 10 research papers so far and have many more to get through before I can even start writing anything. 

Right now, it is roughly 11 in the morning and I came into the university to get some reading done. It was just too beautiful outside to not sit outside. So I checked to see how much battery my laptop had (it was almost full!) and headed outside to sit under a tree and get some reading done. The sun is out but there is a lovely breeze which makes it beautiful. I have a sweater on as it is often colder in the morning, but I am a comfortable temperature with the breeze!

I realize that writing this is not getting any more reading done, but I thought I would write a little update. I'm still trying to find the type of posts that I enjoy writing the most. I don't want to just write posts for the sake of having content. I want to enjoy the things I post. I really enjoy photography which is why there has been more posts recently that include photography. 

Anyway, I suppose I've stalled reading this 17 page research paper for long enough, and should get back into it. 

For future Amanda, who will be UBER stressed out come the fall and winter semesters when the deadlines become shorter distances apart and your fingers will be sore from all the typing you'll be doing, just remember that it is worth it in the end! You have a ton of amazing people in your life to help you when you are feeling stressed and aren't sure if you can finish the dissertation. The friends you have in uni are all in the same boat, so if you need someone to lean on, remember they understand!

I'll hopefully be able to get out this weekend and take some photos and write another weekend in photos post, as those are one of my favourite to write!

Hope you're having a lovely day, what are you up to for the summer months?
PS: heres a photo of my cat to make up for my complaining ;) 


  1. Good luck with the psychology thing! x
    ~ basicallychloe x
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x
    www.basicallychloeblog.blogspot.com ♡

  2. Amazing post dear!