Flowers and Cute Baby Animals!

Sunday, June 14

Sorry it's been so long in between my posts, I've been busy the past couple weeks and haven't had much interesting to blog about, so I just haven't done any posts. I have been taking photos here and there and I finally have enough to write a little post on them, so thats what this will be about!

I'm trying to get better at photography, because I just love being behind a camera. I like looking at things from different angles and seeing things in a different perspective.  My favourite things to take photos of as of right now are nature (mainly flowers) and animals, which is what I've got in store for this post! 
Warning now, there are quite a few pictures, so if you don't like flowers, bunnies, baby goats and ducklings, this post is not for you! 


pink cactus
pink cacti!




red flower

Red flower

Pink flower

Venus fly trap
 A tiny venus fly trap!

Lace Leaves
I think insects likely were eating away the leaves on this tree, but I thought that it looked like lace in this photo, so I thought I would share it!

Canadian goose

 Look at the line of tiny ducklings! There are also two mother ducks and a father

mother duck and her baby
 A mother duck and her baby! So adorable

swimming muskrat
 A muskrat!


koi fish
 Koi fish

koi fish

Mama goat
 Mama goat

Brown baby goat
 Darkest baby goat

baby goat
 Speckled baby goat

baby goat

white rabbit

grey and white bunny

 Hen. For some reason, this picture makes me laugh. The hen was sitting on a log, and she was just minding her own business, but when I moved closer she did this and looked at me, almost as if to say 'what are you looking at?'


Do you like photography? If so, What are your favourite things to photograph?

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