Weekend In Photos | May 1st and 2nd, 2015

Monday, May 4

I thought in this post I'd share some things that I did over the weekend.

Saturday my partner and I spent part of the morning giving his bathroom its first coat of new paint, so we decided to visit our local marsh that evening. The weather was absolutely lovely (Sunny and warm with a breeze cool enough for you to keep a sweater on) and I was able to bring my camera to take some lovely photos.

The marsh is roughly a five minute walk away from my house, and it's one of my favourite places to bring my camera, as there are always lovely things to discover when you get there. 
On this particular Saturday we found:

♥ Two turtles
Turtle sitting in the weeds
I was told it would likely be too cold still for turtles to be around, but I was happily surprised to find these two

Turtle with Red on Shell
Look at the bright red colour on the shell! So pretty!

♥ Two ducks (one male and one female) eating together
Ducks eating
Synchronized eating

Duck shaking feathers
Isn't that adorable?!

♥ Some other birds (Which I wasn't able to identify because they were in an island in the middle of the water. For some reason, "The Three Amigos" came into my mind when I was taking the photo)
Bird silhouettes
They look so nice against the water in the setting sun

♥ Some other odds and ends
Tulips we saw on the walk home

Duck in the water
A lone duck on the water

Noah and Amanda
Dawh, we can be cute sometimes (Actually its rare we get a photo taken for us, usually we just take selfies)

Fluffy Plant
A fluffy looking marsh plant

I can't wait until it gets a little later in the year (Late May early June) when the baby ducklings hatch and are swimming around in the water! They are just too adorable!

Sunday my parents, partner and I took a drive to get the first ice cream cones of the summer, and I brought my camera along and managed to capture some of the places we stopped to enjoy our cool treats!

The first stop on our Sunday evening drive was to a local farmers market that also serves ice cream. They have a bakery, and a greenhouse which had some lovely flowers. The flowers were all such lovely colours!

Red flower

Pink Flower

Pink flower

Purple Orchids

Greenhouse station
There was also this lovely station in the greenhouse filled with small flower pots

Once we got our ice cream cones (I chose Cotton Candy, and my partner got a new flavour called "Mariner's Sea Salt Caramel"... it tasted pretty good!)

Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Mariner's Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

Then we headed out for a quick look at the ocean, the tide was quite far out, so we didn't bother staying 
too long (it was also getting quite chilly, as the sun was setting)


Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things I did this weekend!
Did you do anything nice for the weekend? Let me know in the comments!!

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