Mary Poppins Musical

Monday, May 18

This weekend there was a local musical/theatrical performance that I was able to get tickets to. I attended the Saturday night performance, although they had a matinee performance that day as well, not to mention an opening show Friday night and a matinee and closing show Sunday

Every year the same group of people, and some new ones too, get together and put on an amazing performance. Usually the performances are musicals, and include amazing dancing and theatrics! There are some great performers that put a lot of hard work into their shows and it really shows in their performance.
I have gone for the past three years, and each year I always think it's better than the previous year, which just proves how great they are!

In two previous years that I have seen the group perform they have done Peter Pan, and Les Miserables, both of which were just amazingly executed!
Let's see if you can guess the performance (Hint: It's not a difficult one to guess)

A forewarning: Flash photography was not allowed, and some scenes had low lighting, so please excuse the quality of some of the photos. I loved them too much to not include them in this post!

Banks Family
This looks pretty normal, which makes figuring out this musical rather difficult.. the next picture should help you a lot more:

Mary Poppins
Hmm.. that dress looks pretty recognizable....

Mary Poppins and Bert

If you haven't guessed by now, the musical was Mary Poppins. I'll admit, I had never seen the movie (and I'm a HUGE disney fan) so I went into the theatre not having any expectations and I left absolutely loving the story!


Baby Penguins
 Little penguins!

Jane and Michael Banks
The park scene

A Spoonful of Sugar
 "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down"

(I did have to look that up to make sure I was spelling it right...)


Flying Mary Poppins
 I know how blurry this photo is, and I didn't include it for it's quality. I included this photo because it is one of the only ones I was able to get that shows just how amazing the actors are, and the methods they are willing to use to make the show amazing! They call it magic in the performance, which wowed the children in the audience and really amplified the overall experience. There were many instances in which 'magic' was used to make Mary Poppins fly, among many other amazing tricks, including flying kites and birds!

Chimney Sweepers
This is another photo that was not added in for its quality, but so that I can talk about the scene a bit more. This was one of my favourite scenes, simply because the actors put SO much effort into it. There was dancing throughout the whole show, as many of the talented actors/actresses are also into dance. This scene however, was entirely tap dancing, and was simply amazing! It had the whole audience captivated watching their fast moving feet, and all you could hear was the taping of their shoes against the (I was told very slippery) wood stage. Once the scene was over the cheering was incredible loud as everyone was amazed at how awesome their performance was. 

I'm pretty sure I've ran out of adjectives to use for this show. I absolutely loved it, and would have gladly bought more tickets to see the show. I can't wait for next year's performance. I'm sure they'll out do themselves, as they always seem to!

What is your favourite musical?

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