Ways That I Study

Monday, April 13

Since I've currently written one exam, and have three more to go, I thought today's post would be on the different ways that I study for said exams.
Exams are a stressful part of each year, so studying can sometimes be more difficult than you anticipate. Here are some things I do to study, or things that help me get in the mindset to study:

♥ There is a Youtube video called "Study Music for Concentration and Improving focus to help with Brain Power" (Thats a doozy name!) that I listen to if I need to read material. The name makes it sound all technical and weird, but it's really just calming music that has no words or catchy beats, so you can drown out any talking or other distracting noise without playing music that you'll just start singing along to instead of studying. This is one of my go to things when I'm studying. Plus it's almost an hour long, so if I need to take a break I can look to see how long I've been studying for and take a break accordingly (usually every half hour or so, for a few minutes)

♥ I make up Quizlets. These are word banks that you can make up for yourself, and then view them like cue cards, or test your self on the material, or even do fast matching. All are great methods of studying, as you're doing more than just reading the material!

♥ I write out the complex things that I need to study. Sometimes, memorization helps to study certain things. When this is the case, i'll often write out what I want to memorize, and then write it again, and again, until I remember it completely. 

♥ Get together with friends. This sounds counter-intuitive, but if you have friends in the course you're studying for, and they too need to study, sometimes having two heads studying is better than one. It allows you to bounce ideas off one another, and talk through some of the more difficult concepts. Also, you can question each other on the topic, which then allows you to be able to think about the questions, rather than just reading the material.

These are the most common ways that I study for my exams. I hope these may have helped you in your studying. Good luck to anyone else writing exams now, or in the near future!

What are some of your studying tips?

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  1. reading the information out, like for an assessment revision period I was allowed to step outside of the class to say my notes as that's how I learn best (I use rhyme and rhythm)
    ~basicallychloe xx
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x