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Wednesday, April 1

Continuing with the Dream Vacation posts, today's is going to be about the capital of Canada: Ottawa! 
(If you didn't see my first dream vacation destination of Florida, that post is here)

As I've previously mentioned, I don't travel, and so I have not had the opportunity to see my country's capital in person. As cringeworthingly (just made that up) patriotic as that sounds, to want to visit the capital of the country I call home, I have heard wonderful things about the city.

In my last post, I included things that not only I want to experience, but also things my partner wants to as well, so that we both can have great memories of the places we plan to visit together :)

Some things I want to experience while in Ottawa:
- Parliament Hill and all that is encompassed with that name

Canadian Museum of Nature (This is one my partner wants to explore, and sounds very interesting)

- Canadian Science and Technology Museum

- Hard Rock Cafe (Its not a particular one in Ottawa that I want to see, I just have never been to one, and the memorabilia sounds so interesting!)

- Experience the Ottawa night life, and some fancy restaurants too!

Have you ever been to Ottawa? What are some recommendations for attractions to see there?

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  1. Nice post! I would love to travel all of Canada one day!

    Renee | Lose The Road