Transformation Tuesday: 2009 - 2015

Tuesday, March 24

Six years really doesn't sound like a long time.. when in reality a lot in my life has changed in those six years. Thinking back to 2009, everything seems so different. I'd tell that younger version of myself so many different things..

Difference from 2009 to 2015

In 2009:
♥ Appearance wise, I coloured my hair off shades of blonde (sometimes it looked green and just awful) and didn't colour my eyebrows, had freckles galore (which will happen in the summer, regardless)
♥ I started high school
♥ Made new friends when two schools combined into one high school
♥ Started a new relationship
♥ Got my first job (Really in 2010, but I consider it the same, really)

In the six years that have past I have:
♥ Appearance wise, I have cut my hair shorter, grown it even longer, gone back to my original hair colour (which looks much better with my eyebrows in my opinion) and have begun exploring the realms of make-up
♥ Lost a large group of people I called friends, when in reality there wasn't really a lot of good in some of those friendships
♥ Had that relationship from 2009 crumble into tiny little pieces, that, at the time, felt like the worst thing in the world
♥ Developed a new relationship with one of my best friends, who as of this moment, is the best thing that could have ever happened in those six years
♥ Took said best friend to prom
♥ Graduated from high school
♥ Started University in one major
♥ Switched majors and had to catch up in summer school to avoid graduating a year late
♥ Gained a few really close friends
♥ Worked a total of three different jobs over the span of six years

In the next six years the plan is:
♥ Graduate with (get this mouthful) an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology in the Applied Option with Honours (Which is next year!!)
♥ Get accepted into Graduate School for a Masters (Fingers crossed that'll happen!!!)
♥ Move away from home (either for school, or because the time will have come - also, this may be a post all on its own when the time comes)
♥ Move in with my partner, who I aim to keep the same, as I love him very dearly

Looking back at all the high and low points in these six years (and trust me, there were some loow points) I am glad that everything happened in the way it did. Sure at certain times things were harder than I would wish on anyone, but I am so happy with where I am today.
I guess my take home message for this post is no matter what your past holds, be happy for where the future can take you. It may be a bumpy ride, but looking back, you'll appreciate those bumps. 

Are there any major life bumps you've experienced in the last six years?


  1. A great transformation :)
    I love such posts. You look much more confident now. I like it.

  2. you seem so happy now. I wish you well in life x